Shih Tzu have been nicknamed the Chrysanthemum Dog in England in the Nineteen Thirties. A e-book on the breed states that “dog historians are inclined to have very strong opinions” on the subject. The name comes from the Chinese language word for “lion” as a result of this type of canine was bred to resemble “the lion, as in conventional oriental artwork”. In the People’s Republic of China, Hanyu Pinyin is the predominant system of romanization, which renders it as shīzi.


This would be in addition to the traditional Shih Tzu Coat Colors talked about above. I’m excited to see what she seems like as she grows. Some of the more interesting patterns we see in Shih Tzu dogs happen in the black and white ones. If the pigment is black, then the dilution will end result within the blue colour. If the pigment is brown, the color that’s produced is a silvery colour called isabella or lilac.

Shih Tzu Coat Colors:  Two Color Combination

Blasto changes shade over time as you have seen within the pictures. He has black ideas but its tough to see in this photograph. At one his back turned what I am informed a mocha. Gold stable resembles a tan-yellow, but there are a wide range of shades from a light tan to a deep gold. “All Shih Tzu Coat Colors are permissible,”states the breed standard by the American Kennel Club. When we discuss different types of Shih Tzu dog food, most individuals consider kibble which is up to now the most popular type of pet food.

Shih Tzu Shampoo

Products that remove tear stains could also be necessary in these mild colored Shih Tzu. Chocolates are “hot” now and uncommon colors are more expensive. Colors are lovely, but hair and point colours are solely “pores and skin deep.” The true character and wonderful characteristics of the breed goes deep and comes in any colour!

Shih Tzu

Their white markings can unfold to a wider space ;and these changes solely stop once they attain maturity. Which means the gorgeous pattern that your pet has is probably not equivalent when he grows up. Black and white Shih Tzus could possibly be categorized in response to the amount of white markings they comprise. These could be 50% black and 50% white and are generally known as celebration-piebald; whereas people who have further black coloring than white are often known as Irish mark piebald. Shih Tzus with largely white coloring and only a bit little bit of black are often known as excessive piebald. They are not white Shih Tzus with black colours or markings, they are black Shih Tzus with white colors even though the black appears like it’s a secondary color.

Superstar Shih Tzu Names

They are typically nicely behaved and appropriate for families. I’m trying to consider a special name. I maintain main towards Bella and now I came across your canine named Candy and it could fit. I’m not loopy about the name and everybody says he’s too nice looking for the name.

Black And White Shih Tzu Names