Her first 12 months she ate toys, money, complete socks, rain gutters ect. They are great working dogs but when you have children maybe consider one other breed. She is really candy and protective of us which is nice. My son purchased a beautiful blue heeler female at about eight weeks of age. Apparently the owner docked her tail on his own and messed her up.

Traits Of The Blue Heeler

The National Stock Dog Registry of Butler, Indiana, registered the breed, assigning American numbers irrespective of Australian registrations. Hip dysplasia just isn’t widespread in the breed, although it occurs sufficiently often for many breeders to have their breeding stock tested. The Cattle Dog has numerous inherited situations, but most of these aren’t widespread. Hereditary polioencephalomyelopathy of the Australian Cattle Dog is a really uncommon condition caused by an inherited biochemical defect.

Discover A Puppy: Australian Cattle Dog

She was a cattle dog for the first 8 years of her life but now has come to reside with me. She is so pleasant and affectionate to everybody and every canine she meets, there isn’t a imply bone in her body. She’s a ball of energy and so I take her for walks/to play fetch twice a day. She will accompany me anywhere I go, whether on walks, in the automobile or simply if I’m walking from my bed room to the kitchen.


In 1985 an Australian Cattle Dog Society was fashioned and officially recognised by the Kennel Club; before this they needed to compete in the category “Any Variety Not Separately Classified”. Australian Cattle Dogs had been competing successfully in obedience and working trials within the UK in the course of the 1980s. US soldiers met the Cattle Dog mascots of Australian divisions overseas. This puppy is being bathed in preparation for a go to by General Douglas MacArthur.