Behind Her Eyes Movie

Things take a stranger flip when Louise befriends Adele, after bumping into her by chance in the street near her son’s faculty. At Adele’s request, the two girls kind a secret friendship and bond over their frequent historical past of evening terrors. Louise experiences horrible nightmares that induce her to sleepwalk. Adele teaches her how to control her dreams with the assistance of directions in an old journal written by Rob , a troubled pal from Adele’s previous. She also talked about her expertise on the Steven Soderbergh series The Knick, working with Steven Spielberg on Bridge of Spies, having Eva Green as a scene companion in The Luminaries, and whether or not she’d like to do comedy. The mystery thriller Behind Her Eyes follows Louise , a young single mother who becomes romantically concerned together with her boss David , only to then become pals together with his seemingly perfect spouse Adele .

Unlike those earlier efforts, although, Behind Her Eyes features a laughably ludicrous final revelation that changes the genre of the miniseries completely. Unable to enter the burning home, Louise props herself up towards the door and decides to astral project inside to, I don’t know, verify on Adele? She can’t actually do something while soul-traveling, all she will do is see. Adele/Rob then makes use of this chance to swap souls with Louise, killing Louise’s soul as it’s trapped in Adele’s body, overdosing on heroin in a burning home.

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In the book, that’s not the only cat murder committed by Adele/Rob. When they move into their new Islington house, Adele and David have a pet cat of their own. When Adele/Rob is trying to assassinate David’s character as part of a grasp plan, she tells David’s mistress Louise that he killed it by stamping on its backbone, then buried it in the flowerbed. In truth, we later learn, it was Adele/Rob who killed their cat in exactly that method.

Preying upon Louise’s kind nature, Rob-As-Adele sparked a fireplace and faked a suicide attempt, inflicting Louise to send her green spirit into the house to check it out. But that is when Rob took over Louise’s body, forcing her spirit to jump into Adele’s heroin-filled, slowly dying body. Rob-As-Louise then dragged her outside to wait for the authorities, and the series ended with Rob-As-Louise assimilating to a new life by getting married to David, leaving poor young Adam to presumably be raised by a total monster. It’s one of many darkest TV endings I can think of, and the show is all the extra superb for it. Adele is aware of the affair because she has the power to astral journey (i.e. as she sleeps, her consciousness can float round elsewhere).

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