Ashes Of Love Movie

Empress Tu Yao is cruel and suspicious. She is Tai Wei’s spouse and mother to Xu Feng. Tu Yao can also be the Bird Tribe’s ruler. Her greatest wish is for Xu Feng to succeed his father. She also loves power and intensely jealous of Tai Wei’s different women. Hence, Tu Yao will cease at nothing to get rid of rivals whom she thinks are standing in her way.

Ashes Of Love Movie

In my history of watching Asian dramas, right off the top of my head, I can only keep in mind feeling second lead syndrome in Boys Over Flowers. That drama is a mess however we’re not right here to discuss that drama today. Photo by Anand Jain on UnsplashI see that a few of you who have seen the drama Ashes Of Love are suffering from second lead syndrome.

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The protagonist won’t at all times be one of the best particular person and the antagonist gained’t at all times be only evil. The propensity to be somewhat bit of both is what makes people, people. wasn’t a foul particular person for many of the drama. His character had so much potential for better things. He was not like Tuyao (Kathy Chow周海媚), the evil Heavenly Empress. She was inevitable as a psychopathic, didn’t have a heart but Runyu did.

Their motivations are illogical, not progressive and fail to resonate with the viewer. At this point this looks like the work of some edgy 12 12 months old with entry to deviantart for the primary time. Tuyao was the most problematic character next to Suihe 王一菲 who was so incredibly predictable. I are likely to enjoy dramas where I can remotely respect the villain but they made Suihe so principally antagonistic, it was a complete cop-out of writing an precise evil and compelling character. She was the everyday jealous, evil, unattractive unhealthy guy. The best dramas are those that present two sides of every character.

Ashes Of Love Lastly Holds The Large Marriage Ceremony Within The Heavenly Realm

I will repeat again, that is not love. Run Yu loved accusing his brother of being obsessed together with his wife even though him and Jin Mi have been only engaged to each other. Yet after she is reborn 500 years later, he intentionally drops by to ask her if she is pleased. So if she is not joyful what’s he going to do, steal her away from her husband? Seems to me like he is the one with all this obsession.

He is not to be blamed for all of the evil his mother and father have dedicated. No one has the proper both to hold him accountable for those things. I know a few of you feel sympathetic towards Run Yu as a result of he’s a lonely soul. But having a lady by his facet who doesn’t love him and positively does not wish to breathe the same air as him, just isn’t going to cure his loneness. In reality it’s going to only make him really feel extra lonely.

Ashes Of Love Movie

He is the exact duplicate of his dad in that respect. Instead of letting a woman go who does not need you, they quite force themselves on that girl after which name it love. 8) Run Yu’s mother suffered the same like Jin Mi’s mother and eventually killed by Xu Feng’s mother too when Run Yu have been just about to reunite along with his real mother. 5) Xu Feng at all times get all he want since child in comparison with Run Yu….consideration, love and stuffs. 4) Xu Feng can’t even shield or defend Jin Mi when she being harassed by his mom.

Xu Feng’s mother is also in opposition to his relationship with Jin Mi and suspicious of Run Yu whom she thinks is after the throne. This causes Xu Feng and Run Yu to have a fall out as they fight over Jin Mi. He is plays his character with a grace thats constant from start to end. And when he breaks his poise and silence, he is really agitated.

Ashes Of Love Movie

The complete drama is just toxic af because of it. And then most importantly, I even have strong emotions about RunYu’s household scenario with the Empress and Emperor. In a extra realistic dysfunctional family, you possibly can undoubtedly argue a toddler like XF can be a sufferer, undoubtedly affected by guilt and so forth from such a family. But in THIS drama XF has never exhibited that sort of emotional turmoil or consideration for this aspect of his pretty rattling awful family. So I imply, actually, I additionally didn’t really respect XF for that.

He was so great and fascinating, nearly outshining Xu Feng. They didn’t know what else to do but disregard the character traits they built and make him into a complete villain. Lastly, there was no justice for the series’ supposed major antagonist, Runyu.