And The Winner Is Love Movie

Meanwhile, a mysterious man who has mastered the technique has committed a number of murders, instilling concern amongst the individuals. Despite the hardships and misunderstandings between them, Shangguan Tou and Chong Xuezhi be part of arms to reveal the evil mastermind and bring peace back to the lands. This was one of many dramas that I was highly anticipating ever since I heard about it. I’ve always been a fan of Luo Yun Xi, so I’ll just about watch anything he’s in. As for Chen Yu Qi, she’s been slowly rising on me. She sort of reminds of Bai Lu, as the two seem to play related characters—the tough on the perimeters yet still beautiful and charming type of feminine lead.

And The Winner Is Love Movie

And during this time two individuals from totally different sides get entangled and fall in love. Furthermore, you may need to watch it for the scheming and power plays somewhat than the romance. If you take pleasure in intrigues and behind the scenes plots by antagonists, this may not be so dangerous in spite of everything particularly when you don’t mind utilizing the quick-forward button on the boring segments. Otherwise, I would say drop it for something else. As for Yukee Chen, I last watched her as Zhao Min in Heaven Sword And Dragon Sabre 2019.

And The Winner Is Love Episode 3

After Chong Ye’s death, Chonghuo Palace was put under lots of stress from the sects and its popularity was fully ruined. Many of the sects coveted the 2 manuals, Nine Moves of Lotus God and Lotus Sutra. However, Lingjian Manor steps as much as shield Chonghuo Palace. A 5-year truce is put into place and the two manuals are separated, the Nine Moves of Lotus God is guarded by Lingjian Manor and the Lotus Sutra is guarded by Chonghuo Palace. After 5 years, a martial arts event shall be held, and the winner will be capable of have the two manuals. They want one other drama collectively, as a result of they are so natural.

When Xue Zhi learns the truth, Mu Yuan stands no chance along with her particularly when she has at all times regarded him as a brother. Prince Lu pulls strings from behind the scenes by getting the Hua Shan sect to do his soiled job. His ambition is to arrange a Sect Alliance of which he controls. His excuse is there ought to be cooperation rather than feuds among the many sects. He justifies his actions by claiming that there should be law and order underneath the Emperor and the martial arts world must also submit to him. Prince Lu is not capable of practice martial arts because of his heart ailment.

Shangguang Tou has little interest in woman, however he additionally doesn’t do anything to attract the eye away from him. He just lets it occur and ignores it, which is why folks often confuse him as being flirtatious since he doesn’t appear to mind all the eye. But I think he’s just ignoring it since he’s in all probability been within the spotlight all his life that he’s just gotten used to it. Anyway, that is really a character that’s portrayed by Luo Yun Xi that I’ve by no means absolutely seen before.

And The Winner Is Love Movie

He seems to be a kind ruler who loves his spouse, Shangguan Zheng. But he carries a secret ambition and is a tough man to learn. Prince Lu’s elder brother is Crown Prince Xue Xin who is a benevolent and upright man. The Crown Prince cares lots for Prince Lu as a result of his unwell well being and assumes he is an efficient ruler. He has a fragile ego and is eager to indicate his capabilities in order to win over Feng Zi whom he has been in love with since young.

Internet Drama: And The Winner Is Love

This rating would’ve been larger if it isn’t because of the BGM initially of the drama sequence. Ratings would’ve been greater if not for the dangerous BGM. Described by some as a strong story of survival, love and heroism.

I’m not likely a fan of how they’ve actually interacted so far as a result of it feels very forced and there’s probably not any connection going on between them, other than the truth that they’re the OTP. Like, you can obviously see that Shangguang Tou is starting to fall for her, but there doesn’t seem to be any real purpose why he should be completely head of heels for her so quickly. It feels very unnatural, and that is where I sort of wasn’t a fan of.