German & Australian Shepherd Mix

Australian Shepherds Content Australian Shepherd Crossed With German Shepherd Coaching Well Being And Longevity Are Good Miniature American Shepherd In the late 1800s, a cavalry officer named Captain Max von Stephanitz got down to develop the perfect German herder and spent 35 years promoting and refining the breed to what […]


Content Grooming Your German Shepherd Australian Shepherds What Does A German Australian Shepherd Seem Like Comparable Maintenance Breeds To German Australian Shepherd Australian shepherds are noticeably smaller than German shepherds. Aussies measure from eighteen inches excessive at the shoulder for a small female to 23 inches excessive for a big […]

Shepherd Combine

Content Eight: Differences In Coat Shade What Should You Realize About Coat Size And Grooming? Living With A German Australian Shepherd They’re additionally resilient enough to bounce back out of your mistakes or inconsistencies. Despite their name, the Australian Shepherd dog breedoriginated in the western United States, not Australia, across […]

German Shepherd

Content What Is So Nice About The Herding Group? How Energetic Does The German Australian Shepherd Need To Be? German Australian Shepherd Puppies They additionally are available black, black and cream, black and silver, white , liver , liver and tan, sable, grey and blue. Delightful and energetic companions – […]