Happenstance Border Collies

Content Picture: Puppies To Cuddle Collies & Co , Samford Riverrun Collies is proud to announce a new litter sired by CH Cyndella Keepsake Dream On, OFA, out of Riverrun Galatean Order Of The Flame. The breeding produced eight puppies, including six males—two smooth sables, two rough sables, one rough […]

Wildblue Border Collies

Content Ratings And Evaluations Wildblue Border Collies We are additionally training for Tracking, Herding, Freestyle, and whatever else we are able to discover to do. Communicable ailments are common and can be unfold by way of your CLOTHING, SHOES, SKIN unintentionally from coming into contact with a illness at one […]

Border Collie Canine Breed Data

Content The Breed Normal Welcome To The Abca Subject Stone Border Collies Early socialization is very important with the Border Collie, entailing constructive publicity to all kinds of people and situations from early puppyhood through about seven months. Obedience coaching that starts early and continues throughout the BC’s life will […]