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How to Check AirAsia Bookings

AirAsia is a low-cost airline based in Malaysia. Their bookings include domestic and international flights to over 400 cities in more than 25 nations. AirAsia is the first airline in Asia to promote and use ticket-less travel. Their website provides travelers the opportunity to do everything online to manage their reservations. Check AirAsia bookings by utilizing the website, or calling the airline.


  1. Image titled Check AirAsia Bookings Step 1Review your itinerary. If you booked online, you would have received an email from the airline with your travel details. Check the itinerary to make sure all of the booking details are correct, including dates and times of travel, location and number of passengers.
  2. Image titled Check AirAsia Bookings Step 2Call the airline. AirAsia maintains 16 call centers across Asia, Europe and Australia. Phone numbers for each center can be found on the AirAsia website.
  3. Image titled Check AirAsia Bookings Step 3Use the website. Go to to check and completely manage your booking.

    • Confirm your reservation online. Once you are on the website, click on the Manage My Booking tab at the top of the page. You will need to sign in or become a member and establish an account. Then, you can enter your flight number or name to confirm your booking.
    • Make changes to your booking. If you need to change or cancel a reservation, do so from the Manage My Booking tab. You can also pay for bookings that you had researched but not purchased.
    • Select seats and meals. Once you locate your booking online, you can use the website to choose your seats and select your meals. You will be charged for these choices if you did not pay for them at the time of booking.
    • Share your booking details with others. You have the option of sending an email with your flight information to yourself, or others.
    • Check on the status of your flight. Before heading for the airport, use the website to make sure your flights are on time. Click on the Status of Flight(s) box and enter your flight number.
    • Track your baggage. If you need to check on baggage that got lost or delayed while you were traveling on AirAsia, click on the Baggage Tracking Service box and enter your contact and flight details.
  4. Image titled Check AirAsia Bookings Step 4Contact any AirAsia partners you may have used. AirAsia works with Expedia, an online travel agent. If you booked your trip on Expedia, go to in order to check your booking.