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D’Omah Hotel Yogyakarta, Indonesia

d’Omah Hotel Yogyakarta is located in the village of Tembi in rural Java – but only twenty minutes from the centre of the bustling artistic city of Yogyakarta governed by Sultan Hamengku Bowono 10th. A respite at d’Omah offers the unique experience of savoring life in a Javanese village untouched by the ravages of time, of enjoying breakfast on the edge of rice fields ever changing according to the season, to walk the cobbled streets with the friendly charming people of the village and also importantly to have a base with all modern conveniences from which to explore the important attractions of the area Borobudur, Prambanan, the Sultans Palace and others.

d’Omah also now offers the facilities of a retreat, spa and fitness centre within the compound as well as the opportunity to practice yoga, follow detox programmes and learn and enjoy the most simple and comprehensive health programmes directed by local and international experts.

Tembi was just a typical Javanese village until Indonesia’s handicraft guru Warwick Purser decided to move there and establish the design, production and export facilities of his company Out of Asia. The purpose was to explore how a rural community and a commercial enterprise could work hand in hand to each group’s benefit. Profiled in TIME Magazine and many other international and national media, Tembi is now one of Indonesia’s major bases for handicraft production.

Tembi has also become a centre of art, with young overseas artists taking up temporary residence and working together with their local contemporaries. The Tembi Contemporary Gallery, five minutes walk from d’Omah is already well known for its efforts to promote the work of young Yogyakarta artists.

Despite these new influences Tembi remains a traditional Javanese village with the early morning prayer call from the mosque, the sound of ducks and geese playing in the water and farmers harvesting the rice. That is the music of Tembi.

10 Travel Tips for Seniors

With people living longer and healthier lives, more seniors than ever are travelling and seeing the world. This enriches both the sojourner and the fortunate countries receiving a more mature and affluent tourist—one who can more fully appreciate what the destination has to offer. There are, however, a few things for the senior vacationer to consider. Following, are 10 travel trips for seniors:

1. Take Advantage of Senior Discounts

You have lived a long time, worked hard, and contributed to society. Many times the public will actually try and reward you for this. For instance, in the United States the National Parks offer a discount to senior citizens. Before you go to a museum, park, or elsewhere, check to see if there is a senior discount offered. This will help you save money on travel, and allow you to treat yourself in other ways.

2. If You Have Health or Mobility Issues, Consider A Younger Travelling Companion

One of the unfortunate things that can happen with aging is the decline in mobility; this, however, does not need to stop you from seeing the world! If mobility is an issue for you, and you are single, consider a younger travelling companion. There are many younger people longing to see more of the world, and let’s face it, it’s normally the crowd over 50 who has more cash. Consider offering to pay for most of your companion’s way in exchange for her help. Be sure, however, to make the terms of your companion’s responsibilitiesclear. For instance, you may require that your companion help you to and from museums, restaurants, etc. Are you comfortable being alone, or would you like your companion with you at all times?Are there certain hours in the day which you would like your companion to be available? (Young people often like to stay up late, and may wake up late). Define these terms before the journey. If you don’t have a trusted child, grandchild, or friend with whom you feel comfortable, get a referral from someone. The chances are that the younger person will be thrilled, and it will be a mutually beneficial relationship and experience.

3. Travel to Your Destinations Slightly Off-Season

One of the enviable things about being retired or on a pension is that you no longer have to “punch a timeclock.” You can come and go much more easily when you please. Why not beat the crowds, and travel somewhere slightly off-season? For instance, travel to the Greek Islands in September rather than mid-summer when most of the tourists are there. Most people over 50 want a more relaxed journey and don’t care as much about the “see and be seen” mentality during peak season (one of the advantages of maturity). Rates are usually lower slightly off-season, and it’s a great way to cut costs.

4. Enjoy Senior Rewards – You Have Earned It!

Most younger folk have respect for the older crowd, and want to show that respect in various ways. For instance, a young man may offer that you take the first cab coming down the street. Thank him warmly, and then take the cab! You have paid your dues to society by working hard, and contributing to the overall good. If an airline employee or someone else offers you the option of going to the front of the line, go, and don’t feel guilty about it. You have taken your turn at waiting in line like everyone else for years.

5. Look at Travel Options of Over 50s Only

Are you looking for more luxurious and exclusive travel options? Why not consider an over 50s only home swap through IVHE. You can swap your home or vacation home with a more mature crowd. This is a great opportunity and can help you save money. Find out more about luxury home exchange options.

6. Be Spontaneous – You Are Not as Tied to A Schedule

Even if you’re normally a very regimented person, why not consider travelling spontaneously? Surprise someone you love with an impromptu getaway. Interestingly, creating a spur-of-the-moment travel adventure can actually save you money, in some cases up to 50% off your accommodations.

7. Consider a Luxury Home Exchange Option

Remember when six persons sharing a hotel room seemed like fun? If you’re like most people, this was probably when you were young. As we mature, so does our need for more space and finer accommodations. A luxury home exchange option with is a great way to give you and your loved ones the space and amenities you have grown to expect; additionally, it lets you use one of your biggest assets, your home or your vacation home to your advantage.

8. Invest in Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can cover the cost of everything from an unused airline ticket to medical services while traveling. The good news is that seniors can more easily afford to pay for travel insurance; the bad news is that they are more likely to need it due to underlying health conditions. Not only are the elderly more likely not to be able to leave on holiday because of ailments, but seniors take longer to recover once injured or sick. If you are hurtor ill on vacation, make sure that you call your travel insurance company to file a claim and ask them to define what will and will not be covered. And remember, you can appeal a decision with a travel insurance company just like a regular health insurance company.

9. Call the Airline In Advance If You Have Special Needs

The airline industry is well-acquainted with travelers who have special needs. Make sure you call ahead well in advance of your travel date, and call again close to your travel date to confirm wheelchair use or other special requests. If an employee assigned to help you does an especially good job of taking care of you, don’t forget to tip; this encourages good service in the future, and will help to make the journey of others with distinctive needs more pleasant.

10. Fly First Class On An Overseas Flight If You Can

We all know how much more expensive a first-class ticket is, but the older you are, the more you should consider giving yourself this gift. Most of us have been in coach and longed for a chance to stretch out our legs and lie flat. Many airlines now offer beds during overseas flights, and the difference is astounding! Not only can you arrive at your destination less jetlagged, but it is simply easier on your body. But whether you are flying coach or first class, make sure you get up to stretch your legs! According to the American Society of Hematology, seniors are more likely to develop a blood clot during flight ; getting up and walking around can help to alleviate this risk.

While there are factors for seniors to consider when travelling, don’t let it stop you. The blessings of a pleasant journey are hard to quantify, and will engender many happy memories. Enjoy your golden years and bon voyage!

Top Five Places to Stay on a Luxury Honeymoon in Egypt

The sheer weight of history to be found in Egypt is awe inspiring; an experience that is much more significant if you are there with your life long partner. The longevity and magic of Egypt make it the perfect place for a holiday with your loved one, as well as the height of romance as a destination for your honeymoon. Egypt has the weather, the monuments and the excitement to make your trip the most amazing experience of your life, and if there’s one holiday where you want to have the best of everything, it’s this one. So we count down the top five luxury places to stay so that you can get the most from your Honeymoon in Egypt.

5. The Nile Palace, Luxor

Luxor, in southern Egypt, is the doorway to the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens. The city is built on the ruins of the ancient city of Thebes, and is steeped in legends and wonders. This makes Luxor a hub of activity and history, and the Nile Palace hotel is in easy walking distance of it all. Overlooking the Nile itself, the hotel provides for all of your Egypt honeymoon needs. The luxury gym and health club give you the chance to stay active while away, and the outdoor pool allows for romantic dips under the star-lit Egyptian sky at night. The restaurants are designed to pamper and delight you, the bars, to calm and relax you, and the rooms to make your luxury honeymoon in Egypt romantic and enchanting.

4. Oberoi Philae Cruise on the Nile

Cruising down the Nile conjures up images of thin reed boats tacking back and forth while trailing nets or cargo, but nothing could be further from the reality if you are looking for a luxury honeymoon in Egypt. We suggest the Nile cruiser Philae, a 58 suite ship designed to take you up the Nile in style and complete luxury. The suites have private shower and bathroom facilities, balconies and sun loungers, and deliberately have adults in mind, with little or no provision for children (no screaming kids to ruin your romantic trip together). The ship also has a bar and restaurant, appointed with luxury in mind and exquisite food on offer.

3. Kasr Ibrim, Lake Nasser

For those who want history and a cruising experience, but in a more out of the way setting, cruising on Lake Nasser is a must. The Kasr Ibrim is appointed in a similar way to the Philae in terms of luxury and convenience, catering to your every honeymoon need while in Egypt. It also stops at one of the lake’s recovered historical sites each day (the lake is man made, and the sites were moved stone by stone to avoid their destruction) with a launch that takes visitors who want to go to each site. Holidaying on the Kasr Ibrim gives you a different take on the idea of a honeymoon to Egypt, mixing the history of the area with fewer tourist traps for luxury that’s a little off the beaten track.

2. The Al Baben Shall, Siwa Oasis

For a completely secluded and authentic luxury honeymoon in Egypt, try The Al Baben, a boutique hotel by the Siwa Oasis close to the Egyptian sand sea. The oasis has been a stop over for travellers for many thousands of years, and the hotel is tucked away in the walls of Shali, at the very heart of the area. Enjoying your honeymoon in this part of Egypt means having a truly Egyptian experience; rooms are luxurious but with a rustic feel, and the rooftop restaurant serves exquisite regional food. This hotel is for those who want to be more adventurous in their honeymoon choice and wish to immerse themselves in a luxurious, but uniquely Egyptian, trip.

1. The Mena House Oberoi, Cairo.

To many people, a luxury honeymoon in Egypt means only one thing: Cairo. The mystique of the city, the power of the Pyramids at Giza and the opulence available since the time of the Pharaohs make it the perfect honeymoon destination, and the Mena House Oberoi is the peak of this perfection. A luxury hotel since 1869, it has seen its fair share of royalty and heads of state, and the luxurious suites and lounges are a testament to its exclusive history. There is 24-hour room and butler service for those who want to stay in, and excellent bars and restaurants for those who don’t. The hotel also has one of the most magical views in all of Egypt; the outdoor pool is in the shadow of the Pyramids themselves – breathtaking when set against the background of an African sky. The hotel and the experience create an Egyptian luxury honeymoon that you’ll remember as the trip of a lifetime.

Best Asian Travel Photography Books

China was the largest and most advanced economy on earth for much of recorded history, until the British Empire (excluding India) overtook it in the mid 19th century. Japan has had for only several decades after WW2 the largest economy in Asia and second-largest of any single nation in the world, after surpassing the Soviet Union in 1986 and Germany in 1968.

Economic growth in Asia since World War II to the 1990s had been concentrated in Japan as well as the four regions of South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore located in the Pacific Rim, known as the Asian tigers, which have now all received developed country status, having the highest GDP per capita in Asia.

It is forecasted that India will overtake Japan in terms of nominal GDP by 2020. In terms of GDP per capita, both nominal and PPP-adjusted, South Korea will become the second wealthiest country in Asia by 2025, overtaking Germany, the United Kingdom and France. According to IMF statistics for the year 2010, the mostly unrecognised Republic of China PPP-adjusted GDP per capita, at USD 34,743, is already higher than that of Finland, France, or Japan.

To better help you visually understand Asia, here are the ten best Asian photography books ever:

1) Asia by Olivier Föllmi
Asia-by-Olivier-Fllmi-48745789854.jpegInspired by the beauty of distant countries, Asia celebrates the depth and grandeur of the Far East. The fourth volume in Abrams’ album-size collection of Olivier Föllmi’s photographs, this book presents the most exceptional images the artist took during his travels in Burma, Japan, China, and Vietnam, and many points between. The large format allows the photographs, their colors, and the places and people they capture to come alive in the reader’s hands. The photographs are accompanied by captions written by acclaimed journalist Virginie de Borchgrave that give detailed information about each image. The book also includes an essay by Föllmi, who describes his experience traveling in these regions. Asia is a celebration and invocation of the continent which has inspired many to dream.

2) Lonely Planet The Asia Book

Asia: a continent of candid contradictions, unmatched mayhem and mystery, where just one experience will never quite articulate the magic of the place. A fisherman’s song at dawn on the banks of the Mekong, a chaos of color on the ghats of the Ganges, the silence of the vast steppes of Kazakhstan, a marching mile of red hats along the Great Wall road: Asia is all this and more. From the tropical beaches of Bali to the frozen slopes of Everest, The Asia Book draws together a definitive collection of the sights, sounds and tastes of this captivating continent. Let Lonely Planet’s photographers, authors and travellers lead you through five regions, 46 countries, and more than two thousand years of stories.

3) South Southeast by Steve McCurry
South-Southeast-by-Steve-McCurry-4874614The photographs in this book reflect the passion that Steve McCurry has for the people of countries such as India, Afghanistan etc. It also shows his eye for the landscapes of these countries, evoking fervour for the colours of the land. While Steve McCurry’s photographs will always move and inspire, the layout of this book is so effective to the display of his works. A large format that gives the images room to breath, and simple facing pages that state the location and date of the image. This is a book that would continue to inspire every time you leaf through the pages. Those of you who are consumers of the imagery in National Geographic will experience more than a few flashes of recognition as you page through the sumptuous images in this book. Unlike on the pages of national geo, however, this book gives Steve’s images the chance to stand alone, independent of editorial and other clutter on the page, and in this singular treatment it is easy to recognize them for what they are: exceptional color photography, and exceptional pieces of art. Whether you have traveled to southeast asia in body or in mind, you will find these images deep and resounding, worth many hours of leisurely flipping. If you are a color photographer, you will stop and stare with admiration, remembering again why you carry a camera.

4) CHINA: Portrait of a People by Tom Carter

There are more than 1.3 billion people in China. Besides the majority Han Chinese, the population includes 56 ethnic groups numbering over one hundred million. Over the course of 2 years and 35,000 miles, photojournalist Tom Carter captured it ALL on film. Carter’s anthropological-like study of China stands apart in its genre, as it focuses expressly on the PEOPLE of China. In addition to documenting the everyday life of “ordinary” people, Carter also backpacked to the most remote areas of China to observe reclusive ethnic minorities. From Inner Mongolian nomads to newlyweds in Hong Kong, from the teenage girl living in Chengdu dressed like an American punk rocker to the soot covered coal miner in Southern Shanxi, Carter’s camera documented the complexity and diversity of China like no other book ever has.

5) A Day in the Life of Japan by Rick Smolan
A-Day-in-the-Life-of-Japan-by-Rick-SmolaOn June 7, 1985, 100 photographers from around the world set out to cover Japan. Many had participated in A Day in the Life of Canada ( LJ 11/1/85) and the similar books on Australia and Hawaii. This, however, is the first such coverage of a non-Western, non-English-speaking country. The color photographs are sumptuously reproduced and every one holds our attention. The pictures are arranged chronologically, from early morning until late at night. A map of Japan shows where each was taken. Photographers are credited next to their pictures, and biographies of participants follow the picture essay, as does a story about their experiences taking these 300 pictures, chosen from some 135,000 exposures. The range of subjects covered is enormous and shakes up our notions about Japan.

6) Korea: As Seen by Magnum Photographers
Korea-As-Seen-by-Magnum-Photographers-48South Korea, with its craggy hillsides, gnarled trees, and ancient temples, is steeped in tradition yet, at the same time, is thoroughly modern—the tenth-ranking industrial power in the world. Its capital city, Seoul, is one of the most populous cities in the world and home to such cutting-edge buildings as the Samsung Tower Palace. The beautiful landscape and day-to-day details of life in South Korea are depicted here in images taken by the photographers of Magnum—the famed cooperative whose members are among the greatest photographers of our time. Here we see a rich culture that both respects a dynamic cultural history and celebrates the latest trends in fashion, technology, and architecture. These extraordinary photographs are set in their historical context by an insightful text by historian Bruce Cumings.

7) The Ministry of Truth: Kim Jong-Il’s North Korea by Eva Munz
The-Ministry-of-Truth-Kim-Jong-Ils-NorthThe few dozen tourists—and a few journalists—who come annually to the North Korean capital of Pyongyang are accompanied by guides and are only allowed to see what the regime blinders for their viewing. For the visitors, actors often represent pedestrians, and the consumer goods seen in stores are unavailable to the public at large. The statistics heaped upon the visitors are dubious at best. Kim Jong Il’s People’s Republic of North Korea is a gigantic installation, a simulation, a play. Eva Munz, Christian Kracht, and Lukas Nikol traveled to this land to take pictures of a country from which there are no pictures. What they show in The Ministry of Truth is a window view of the gigantic 3-D production of Kim Jong Il, who writes the nation’s statistics and authors its film script. Because no accurate view is available of this total installation, the authors make the only one possible: They comment on their photos with quotations from a didactic book on the art of film written by the dictator—who not only collects wine and Mazda RX-7 sports cars, but also has an enormous film library.

8) India: In Word and Image by Eric Meola
India-In-Word-and-Image-by-Eric-Meola-48Although photographer Meola’s claim that he is drawn to India because the people are blessed with childhood’s sense of wonder seems slightly patronizing, his photographs are an affectionate tribute to the subcontinent’s diversity and history. Meola has a fine eye for detail and devotes equal attention to the grand and the humble, from spectacular Buddhist mandalas and Rajasthan’s sprawling forts to rose-ringed parakeets nesting in trees or henna on a woman’s hands. Suffused with light and color, his images sidestep cliché to achieve an intimacy and spontaneity that readers will relish.

9) Passage to Vietnam : Through the Eyes of Seventy Photographers
Passage-to-Vietnam-Through-the-Eyes-of-SThe work of 70 photojournalists from 14 countries (including 15 Vietnamese photographers), this eye-opening and beautiful photo-essay on Vietnam portrays a reunified country still recovering from the wounds of war. More than 200 candid color photographs take us inside homes and temples, brick and bicycle factories, oil fields, open-air markets and college dorms, profiling a people of restless energy and ancient culture. Sponsored by U.S. and Thai corporations, the book argues that Vietnam’s Marxist communism “is hardly strident or insistent,” and that reforms of the last decade have freed the nation from Ho Chi Minh’s doctrinaire policies, allowing private ownership of businesses, foreign investment and greater freedom of expression and worship.

10) Carrying Cambodia by Hans Kemp
Carrying-Cambodia-by-Hans-Kemp-487472172Unbelievable feats of transportation are an everyday occurrence on the streets of Cambodia. Tuk tuks, cyclos, cars, trucks, motorbikes and bicycles transport loads that defy your wildest imagination. Photographers Hans Kemp and Conor Wall documented this unique street culture resulting in this amazing 144 page book loaded with incredible photographs that will forever change your definition of “packed.”

Sri Maha Sakthi Mohambigai Amman Temple

Amid the towering sky scrapers and staggering buildings of the modern age, hidden beneath their shadows are a number of Malaysia’s past, remnants of an age of legends, mystery and magic. Unnoticed among the busy city streets and towers, these buildings, temples, statues boast a rich and eventful history and dynamic culture.

Sri Maha Sakthi Mohambigai Amman Temple is a century old temple that stands in the heart of the Mid Valley City and is visited by pilgrims and tourists alike to admire the stunning architecture and feels the serene and tranquil beauty within.

Sri Maha Sakthi Mohambigai Amman Temple is one such that stands proud in the city of Kuala Lumpur with one of Asia’s largest malls as its backdrop. Despite its miniature size compared to the giant complex of the mall, this enchanting temple towers over it in splendor in architectural and historical significance. For over a century the temple has stood in the heart of the Mid Valley while the city grew around it making it a convenient location visited often by devotees and tourists alike. It is a very religous place and attracts tourists from all over the world.

Two imposing giant figures of Bhootangals stand sentinel at the entrance to the sacred temple. The structure in itself is charmingly situated with stunning architectural brilliance of our ancestors and is a sight to cherish during a festival when decorated in bright colored garlands against the setting sun. A meditating Buddha statue sits at the base of a Bodhi tree accompanied by figurines of Hindu and Chinese gods and religious gurus. It is a temple dedicated to goddess Mohambigai, a combination of Parvathy, Laxmi and Saraswathi representing power, fortune and knowledge. After a busy day of shopping, a visit to the temple with its pristine serenity amid the aromas of burning incense and away from the noise and bustle of the city beyond will help sooth your mind, body and soul.

Kuala Lumpur is a sightseer’s haven with an array of locations from nature to history and culture and shopping to take your breath away. Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur is a hotel in Bukit Bintang that offers a splendid blend of a mystery of the legends of the past and modern luxuries to create a comfortable setting to suite your needs. It is a Kuala Lumpur Hotel that is ideal for both the leisure and business traveler alike and ensures a most pleasant stay.

The Saving of the Galapagos Islands’ Giant Tortoises

To the Point of Extinction

During the 18th and 19th centuries, the population of giant tortoises on the Galapagos Islands almost became extinct. There were two threats: the first was passing ships which collected the tortoises as a source of fresh meat, and the second was the goats which had been introduced to the islands. As the goats consumed most of the cactuses that the tortoises lived on throughout the dry season, there was a shortage of food. The knock-on effect was that with the tortoises no longer spreading the cacti seeds, the vegetation changed, in turn influencing the species of birds and reptiles attracted to the Islands.


Image Credit

Success of a Captive Breeding Programme

In 2012 the last of the subspecies of tortoises (Domed Tortoise) on the northern island of Pinta died. However, the Hood Island Giant Tortoises on the most southern island of Espanola have fared better thanks to a conservation programme based at the San Diego Zoo in California.

In 1959, the last 14 tortoises found on Espanola Island were captured and a captive breeding program initiated. This has been highly successful, and the number of tortoises is now suggested to be at a level where they may become self-sustaining again, with the population estimated to stand at 1,500. The goats have been removed, and although the vegetation has recovered somewhat, it will be many years before it’s returned to its natural state under the grazing tortoises. The recovery of the Giant Tortoise is documented in a paper published in 2014 and further information is also available from WWF.

A visit to the Galapagos Islands should be on any wildlife enthusiast’s list. Situated 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, South America, you can choose to stay in one of the many hotels on the islands or choose Galapagos cruises and (visit the Galapagos with

The wildlife on the archipelago is unique and you are able to get up close to the animals, so no telephoto lenses required,. This makes it an ideal venue for a family holiday. In addition, for the history buffs, you find yourself in the footsteps of Charles Darwin, who first set out for the Islands in 1831 at the age of 20. It was his studies on the Giant tortoise that ignited his theory of natural evolution.

Travel Tips for Senior Citizens

This involves choosing the right options and planning ahead of time. Here are a few tips regarding.

Be ready with a backup plan
When you travel during peak seasons it may happen that the rooms you have booked for goes out of order or the medical facilities in your area are closed down due to some unavoidable circumstances. In such cases it is always good to take all your daily medications and life saving equipments such as your first aid kit and your special devices such as BP and sugar checkup machines. If you are traveling to higher altitudes you might also require hiring or buying portable oxygen cylinders in case you feel exhausted.

Consider taking a travel companion
If you have some mobility issues or you think it would be difficult to be on your own it is always a good idea to take a reliable travel companion with you throughout the journey. This helps you reduce a lot of burden of being completely on your own in at a foreign destination. This person should be trustworthy usually someone in your blood relation whom you may offer a sponsored journey in return along with you.

Use Senior Friendly Luggage
It is obvious that you have to carry your personal stuff always with you no matter how Bigger Your Travel Bags are. This personal sack or pouch may include all your important stuff like Tickets, Wallet, Credit Cards, Passport, and Visa etc. There are a lot of scam artists around you for whom you are soft target. Never leave your personal luggage with a stranger or any cash counter. Keep it entangled with you all the time you are on a journey. Make use of high tech wallets which may alarm you when your stuff is being touched or picked by someone else.

Choose an optimal travel package
There are situation during a journey where things do not go as per your plans. If you are young you can adapt to the new demands quickly. But senior citizens must always travel with the optimal travel plans which would ensure all your health and security needs. So when you choose your travel package make sure you spend on all inclusive tours package which assures you get everything that is promised to you. The travel arrangements should be such that you will not have to compromise anywhere with your physical comfort and security. You may always go for Cheap Car Rentals instead of manually driving yourself to unknown places.

Today world has come closer due to the faster and safer travel options. More and more senior citizens opt for travel these days for various personal or professional purposes. Traveling is no more restricted to younger crowds these days. Considering the increase in demand for senior citizen’s travel companies constantly come up with better transportation and accommodation facilities for this traveler category.

The different beneficiary transport facilities in Singapore

The Kuala Lumpur International Airport or KLIA is the major international airport of Malaysia. On the other hand,  Changi is the main airport in Singapore and one of the biggest transference centers in the Southeast Asia. However, both the airports have a great significance of the tourism services in Malaysia.

Numerous travelers, irrespective of native or foreigner come here every day. They want to reach the city directly from the airport. The government of Malaysia has opened many transport facilities for that, including the taxi, rail, bus and luxury vehicles. Each service of airport pick up in Changi airport and KLIA has its own benefits.

Transport by bus

From KLIA to KL Sentral and vice versa, every day, there is a continuous bus service from 5amm to 11pm. The tickets are available from the airport coach ticket counter of the bus station or you can book online.

From Changi to the city or vice versa, there are 36/36A public buses running from 6am until midnight. You can hire them from the terminals. If you have an EZ-Link card or Singapore Tourist Pass, you can tap it on the card reader on the bus.


Buses are daily, quick and punctual and offer a point-to-point shuttle.

Luggage transport is free.

Air-conditioned and packed with all modern facilities.

Easy to access and have enough room for your family.

The train shuttle system

The KLIA Ekspres offers a shuttle service from KL Sentral to KLIA and KLIA2 and the vice versa. They have 15 to 20 minute intermissions during the peak and off-peak hours. KLIA Transit is a commuter rail service that runs with the following stops:

KLIA Transit has four stoppages from KL Sentral to KLIA2. It has 20 to 30 minute interludes.

The Mass Rapid Transit or MRT and the Light Rapid Transit or LRT are the rail commuting services from the Changi airport available in different terminals.


They have a particular time schedule.

The trains have racks for luggage.

They have an intra-loop service for which the passengers can shift from MRT to LRT whenever required.

The services are very cheap.

They have over road transport to avoid traffic jam.

The cab commuting facility

Taxis are obtainable at the taxi stands at the arrival levels of each terminal. It takes maximum 30 minutes to reach the city and cost quite reasonable.


They are cozy, affordable and have a pick and drop on-time services.

The chauffeurs are experienced and have knowledge of traffic less routes.

Deluxe Limousine

The most attractive services of airport pick up in Changi airport and KLIA is the limos. You can book a Limo service online.


Luxurious, comfortable, classy and gorgeous.

Easily available and 24×7 service.

Able to keep your privacy

Transport Your Car, Your Things and You by Amtrak to Florida

You want to go to Orlando to see the theme parks, entertainment and shopping.  But flying is such a hassle with airport security, full planes (full of kids) and having to rent a car since the attractions are so spread out in Orlando.  Driving I-95?  Forget it.  The congestion and stress of the interstate will significantly reduce your ability to relax and unwind.

The best alternative is to take the Amtrak Auto Train.  You load your things in your car, load your car on the train and sit back and relax.  You may actually enjoy the journey as much as the destination!

Here are five tips/hints for effectively traveling to/from Florida by Amtrak Auto Train:

One:  The Auto Train runs from Lorton, Virginia to Sanford, Florida.  Lorton is 25 miles south of Washington, DC.  The exciting Civil War sites and beautiful golf courses of Virginia and Maryland are within a couple of hours of the Lorton terminal.  Historic Williamsburg, VA is only three hours away.  At the other end, Sanford is less than an hour from the Central Florida attractions and golfing.  You can get to either the east coast or Gulf coast beaches within two hours from Sanford.  Either way you go, the train leaves at 4:00 pm and arrives the next morning at 9:30 am.

Two:  The Auto Train carries more than cars and people.  You can also put SUVs, motorcycles, and trailer campers of limited size on the train.  Amtrak begins to accept vehicles at 11:30 am.  Regular cars must be checked in by 3:00 pm and oversized vehicles and motorcycles must be checked in by 2:00 pm.  Since there is no checked luggage on the Auto Train, you should put everything except your overnight bag in your car before checking it in.  You can have two carry-on items per person.  Unfortunately, pets that are not trained service animals are not allowed on the Auto Train.

Three:  You have a choice of a comfortable Coach seat or a private sleeping car room on the Auto Train.  Coach class on Amtrak is an upgrade from regular airplane seating.  You will be seated in a wide, comfortable, reclining seat with fold-down trays and individual reading lights.  There will be an electrical outlet at your seat.  If you choose sleeping accommodations, your seat at the beginning of the trip becomes your bed at night.  You will be provided bottled water, morning wake-up service including coffee, tea and orange juice and all necessary bedding.  A wash basin, toilet and shower are either in your room or nearby in the car.  There are five types of accommodations ranging from two person Roomettes to four people Bedroom Suites.  There are also Accessible Bedrooms that are designed for passengers with mobility impairments and their companions.

Four:  You are encouraged to explore the train while a passenger!  All passengers receive a complimentary, delicious sit-down dinner in the Dining Car that includes a choice of regional wines, vegetarian offerings and special meals for kids.  In the morning, a continental breakfast is served in the Dining Car.  The Lounge Car is open throughout the trip and offers snacks and drinks at an additional cost.  Also, the Lounge Car offers feature movies on upgraded screens!

Five:  It is extremely important to make advanced reservations for transportation on the Auto Car.  For families traveling together, children ages 2 to 15 always receive a 50% discount on the lowest available adult fare.  Infants under two ride free!  By buying your tickets early, you may be able to receive discounted advance purchase fares or special fares for students and seniors.

Boon Up Your Honeymoon Travel Package with Buds of Srinagar Tourism

Cherished in the scenic surroundings of lush greenery valleys and high foot hills, lakes with the glimpse of shines, high mountain ranges and the serenades beauty of nature devise the Srinagar Tourism as the best and the perfect start for the honeymoon destinations. The region of Srinagar located far in the discipline Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir situated in India and framed as the summer capital of the state. The paradise land is destined near the Valley of Kashmir and lined with banks of the river Jhelum loaded with many natural and green vegetations and wildlife with touch of scenic view of natural flora and fauna. The summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir the Srinagar Honeymoon Destination known to be one of the best and the soothing honeymoon destination clipped up with nuisance of love that allows you to start a perfect love life in associating a wonderful company with your partner. The heavenly region is joshed up with many bird sanctuaries, exotic and tempting wildlife and fast emerging wildlife with the myth of historic touches that loaded up with lots of romance and love wreath in the glory of sun shine.

The Srinagar Tourism competes best with classy hotel arrangements and staying accommodations for the couples cored with the charm of happiness and essence of love and thus framed Srinagar Honeymoon Destination as the best. The hotels and resorts for staying accommodations are relished with heavy and luxurious ones equipped with modern accessories and tools that allow a soothing and sultriest atmosphere to enjoy the best of love and romance. The amazing and amusing scenic view of mountain ranges and greenery hills, sparkling views of the Dal Lake covered in the snow energies the Srinagar Tourism as the most memorable and experience travel trip wreathed with many beautiful moments and happiness. The splendor and magnificence of the astonishing charm of Mughal Gardens of Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh and of Chashma Sahi are some of the best tourists and honeymoon destinations places under the Srinagar Tourism and thereby clips Srinagar Honeymoon Destination as the best start up your life with the charm of love and romance with your closed one. The region of Srinagar is filled and joshed up with the fragrance of fresh blossomed flowers tempted with the emanating soothing winds allows you to enjoy with every boon of your life. The snow falls and the soothing climatic conditions of the region mated with beauty and glimpse of the nature under the myth of majestic views of mountain hills makes the Srinagar Honeymoon Destination more hefty and esteemed.

The region of Phalagam, Gulmarg and Sonamarg are of the few destinations places under the Srinagar Tourism known to be the best honeymoon destination in the paradise land. The Srinagar Tourism is accommodated with all modern travel features and services highly equipped with rail and roads and thereby deal Srinagar Honeymoon Destination more soothing and charming. So don’t be late, grease up your romance and love with the Srinagar Tourism.

3 Things Not to Miss on your Honeymoon Trip to Switzerland!

Switzerland is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. Although, it’s a small country, it is considered the most beautiful one in Europe. Known for its beautiful natural scenery, charming villages and rich cultural heritage, Switzerland promises the most enjoyable travel experience. It is also a top destination for honeymoon travellers from India and other parts of the world. In recent years, there has been an increase in demand for honeymoon packages for Swiss cities.

Whether we talk of snow-capped Alps Mountains or historic castles, there are plenty of places to visit and explore in Switzerland. When it comes to spending quality time in Switzerland, there is no shortage of options for a newly-married couple. If you’re planning to spend your honeymoon in Switzerland, here are three must-do activities that you shouldn’t miss out on:

The Jungfrau Region

Switzerland is known for its visually-stunning scenery. Although, there are many sites where you can enjoy the stunning views, Jungfrau stand out from the rest! It’s a place where you can see the snow-capped peaks of three mountains- the Jungfrau, Monch, and Eiger as well as the green valleys and meadows. It is considered one of the most beautiful places in the world. With its immense natural scenery and seclusion, this region provides the perfect romantic environment to couples. Jungfrau features on most honeymoon packages for Swiss cities offered by tour companies.

Local festivals

There are many local festivals in Switzerland. And if you don’t participate in them, you’ll miss out on a lot of fun. From Swiss folk music to wine tasting, from arts & crafts to Swiss wrestling, these festivals will provide you a chance to know more about Swiss culture and traditions. Fasnacht Spring Carnival in Basel is one of the most famous Swiss carnivals. It’s a three-day spring carnival in which people dressed in colourful costumes and masks parade on the streets. It takes place between February and March. So, if you’re planning your honeymoon during this time, make sure that you’re in Basil during this festival.


Zurich, Geneva and Bern are some of the major cities in Switzerland. But there are many other cities that are just as charming and beautiful (if not more!). Lausanne is one such city which is located on the shores of Lake Geneva. Spending a day in this city is an excellent way to explore the beauty of Switzerland and escape the crowd of bigger cities. In Lausanne, you can explore medieval old towns and markets, visit cool cafes & bars or simply enjoy the views at Lake Geneva.

Moreover, there are many quaint villages that you can visit in Switzerland. The country is also an excellent place to see contemporary art. Gorging on cheese and enjoying local wine are two of the other important things that you shouldn’t miss out on. Availing honeymoon packages for Swiss cities is an excellent way to visit this beautiful country with your partner.

Photography is Important for Any Occasion

Photography is the only way to preserve the memories of the beautiful moments. Many companies are offering the wide variety of the photographic services. The professionals are having the digital camera through which they capture the special moments of your life. They capture all aspects of different types of photography for an event. If you are looking for event photography then you should hire the experienced photographer because they are sharp, composed and technically perfect. They capture the moments in a beautiful way.

They are perfect in photo session in studio, park, home or any other place. You can call them in any place they will capture the shots in perfect angle. The purpose of calling these professionals for the photography is that they have all the required equipments for photography such as camera, lights, modeling lights etc. They use the proper lightings while taking photographs so that you look beautiful. They have the knowledge of the angle in which your photo will come clean and beautiful. They carry the wireless equipments for the events so that they can easily carry and capture the shots perfectly.

If you are celebrating the wedding then also you can contact them. They come for the actual day wedding photography and preserve all the memories of the wedding in their digital cameras. They treat all the wedding guests as their special clients and interact with them politely. In this way, they can gain the number of clients. The take pictures of the all the guest or the client so that in your wedding or the event they will enjoy. They take the best shots and they do the editing so that photographs will look good.  They have the knowledge of editing images and they edits in such a way that will look original. After editing your normal photo looks like a portrait.  Professional photographers shoot the pictures in their own way and they enjoy a lot while taking pictures of shooting video.

The rates charged by the professional photographers are not as much as you think. They are affordable. You can search online and you will get a list of professional photographers who are charging very less amount for their photographic services. You can hire them for any photographic services like for sports photography, nature photography, travel photography, wall portrait, canvas printing, restoration of old and damaged photos, photo session for the family etc.

Serendib Hotels Sri Lanka Places in Top 10 at Culinary Art

The group’s other properties, Sigiriya and Serendib, also won 5 medals each in the silver and bronze categories, bringing the group’s total medal count to forty. In preparation for the competition the group’s management had procured the assistance of Motivational Speaker, CEO of Sri Lankan Catering and incumbent President of the Ceylon Hotel School Graduates Association, Sarath Fernando, whose motivational talks encouraged the group’s chefs and aided them in honing their skills for the competition.

The Culinary Art competition is a bi-annual event organised by the Chef’s Guild of Lanka and this year’s competitors were judged by an internationally recognised panel of judges, both from Sri Lanka and overseas, who weighed the contestants on the WACS international standards. The competition which ran from the 5th to 8th February focussed on new areas this year and participants were expected to display knowledge of the science of food, as well as an understanding of diet and nutrition, in addition to showcasing their creative presentation skills.

Serendib Leisure group of hotels have already gained wide-spread acclaim for their eco-friendly tourism practices, with Hotel Sigiriya, which is situated at the base of the UNESCO World Heritage site, Sigiriya Rock, winning the majority of the group’s “Green” awards. Serendib’s beach front properties, Club Hotel Dolphin, in Waikkal and the Serendib Hotel, located on Bentota’s golden beach make ideal backdrops for rest, relaxation and even exploring the surroundings that are rich in a colourful history that goes back hundreds of years. All three properties are aesthetically pleasing with in-room amenities and facilities that are above and beyond those provided by other similar class hotels and offer a diverse assortment of activities for the whole family.


Serendib Leisure is the pioneer hotel chain in Sri Lanka featuring some of the best beach front hotels, club concept hotels, and jungle safari hotels at Bentota, Negombo and Sigiriya areas.

Asia Hotels & Resorts

It’ѕ thе mоmеnt, thаt аlmоѕt еvеrу nеwlу-wеd соuрlе lооkѕ fоrwаrd tо, іt’ѕ thе tіmе whеn thе bіg аnd еxреnѕіvе раrtу іѕ nоw оvеr аnd іt іѕ nоw tіmе tо kісk bасk rеlаx аnd unwіnd. It’ѕ tіmе fоr уоur hоnеуmооn hоlіdау.Plаnnіng а wеddіng іѕ tіrіng аnd thеrе іѕ аlwауѕ ѕо muсh tо dо, ѕо muсh tо рlаn аnd mаnу quеѕtіоnѕ wіthоut аnѕwеrѕ lеаdіng uр tо thе bіg dау. It іѕ nо wоndеr whу thе іdеа оf а hоnеуmооn tооk оff іn ѕосіеtу.

Thе hоnеуmооn hоlіdау іѕ а tіmе fоr thе nеw соuрlе tо рlаn thе rеѕt оf thеіr lіvеѕ, rеlаx, unwіnd аnd rеfrеѕh. Whаt bеttеr рlасе tо dо thіѕ thаn аt а trорісаl dеѕtіnаtіоn?
Trорісаl Iѕlаndѕ аnd соаѕtаl dеѕtіnаtіоnѕ аrе vеrу hіghlу ѕоrt аftеr fоr hоnеуmооnеrѕ, аll оf whісh аrе lооkіng fоr раrаdіѕе tо рlаn thеіr futurе.Whіlе trаvеl tо аnуwhеrе оr аnу tуре оf dеѕtіnаtіоn іѕ аlwауѕ аn аmаzіng еxреrіеnсе, trорісаl dеѕtіnаtіоnѕ brіng wіth іt thе hеаt, ѕun, wаtеr аnd lаzіng bу соаѕt but whісh аrе thе bеѕt? Bеlоw wе lооk аt thе tор 7 trорісаl dеѕtіnаtіоnѕ fоr уоur hоnеуmооn hоlіdау.Thе mоѕt рорulаr оf thе trорісаl іѕlаndѕ іѕ оnе thаt іѕ rеlаtіvеlу nеw tоurіѕm іn thе grаnd ѕсhеmе оf thіngѕ but іt іѕ а рlасе thаt mаnу drеаm оf vіѕіtіng. Thіѕ dеѕtіnаtіоn іѕ thе Mаldіvеѕ.

Thе Mаldіvеѕ аrе а соllесtіоn оf lоw lуіng іѕlаndѕ whісh hаѕ turquоіѕе wаtеrѕ аnd іѕ rіfflеd wіth bіrd lіfе frоm аll раrtѕ оf thе wоrld. Thіѕ dеѕtіnаtіоn іѕ а fаntаѕtіс ѕроt fоr ѕсubа dіvіng, ѕnоrkеllіng аnd оf соurѕе јuѕt раmреrіng.Tаhіtі іѕ роѕѕіblу mоrе wоrld rеnоwn аѕ thе tоurіѕm hаѕ bееn bооmіng іn Tаhіtі аnd іn раrtісulаr Bоrа Bоrа fоr а lоng tіmе nоw.
It іѕ fаmоuѕ fоr іtѕ оvеrwаtеr bungаlоwѕ whісh lооk аbѕоlutеlу аmаzіng. Imаgіnе wаkіng uр tо thе реасеful ѕоundѕ оf thе ѕеа, gеttіng uр аnd јumріng оff thе bаlсоnу іn tо ѕоmе оf thе wоrld’ѕ mоѕt сlеаr wаtеrѕ.

Vаnuаtu іѕ аnоthеr оf thе trорісаl іѕlаndѕ thаt hаѕ hаd а lоt оf tоurіѕm ѕuссеѕѕ аnd іn раrtісulаr fоr hоnеуmооnеrѕ аnd fоr thоѕе lооkіng tо gеt mаrrіеd оvеrѕеаѕ.Vаnuаtu іѕ mоѕt рорulаr wіth thе trаvеllеrѕ frоm thе ѕоuthеrn hеmіѕрhеrе, рlасеѕ lіkе Auѕtrаlіа, Nеw Zеаlаnd аnd Aѕіа.Thеrе аrе lоаdѕ оf tоurѕ аnd рlасеѕ tо ѕее аt Pоrt Vіlа, thе саріtаl аѕ thеу саtеr fоr lаrgе bоutѕ оf tоurіѕm frоm сruіѕе-ѕhірѕ аѕ wеll аѕ thоѕе ѕtауіng оn thе іѕlаnd. Onе dіnіng еxреrіеnсе thаt іѕ nоt tо bе mіѕѕеd іѕ thе Mеlаnеѕіаn Fеаѕtѕ hеld аt vаrіоuѕ vеnuеѕ асrоѕѕ thе іѕlаnd.

Fіјі іѕ аnоthеr оnе оf thоѕе Sоuth Pасіfіс dеѕtіnаtіоnѕ іn а сlоѕе lосаtіоn tо Vаnuаtu аnd ѕhаrеѕ а vеrу ѕіmіlаr сlіmаtе. Althоugh unlіkе Vаnuаtu, Fіјі hаѕ аn іntеrnаtіоnаl rерutаtіоn аttrасtіng vіѕіtоrѕ frоm аll раrtѕ оf thе wоrld.hе Cоrаl Cоаѕt іѕ оnе оf thе nісеѕt аrеаѕ оn Fіјі’ѕ mаіn іѕlаnd аnd іѕ јuѕt оvеr аn hоur frоm thе іntеrnаtіоnаl аіrроrt. Whаt mаkеѕ thе Cоrаl Cоаѕt dіffеrеnt іѕ thе whіtе ѕаndеd bеасhеѕ thаt lіnе thе соаѕt, whеrе оthеr раrtѕ оf thе соuntrу hаvе blасk vоlсаnіс bеасhеѕ.

Onе соаѕtаl tоwn lосаtеd іn Sоuth Eаѕt Aѕіа hаѕ tаkеn tоurіѕm іn Aѕіа tо а whоlе nеw lеvеl аnd thаt dеѕtіnаtіоn іѕ Bali іn Indonesia.Pорulаr wіth tоurіѕt аll оvеr thе wоrld, Tabanan іѕ wеll ѕоrt аftеr fоr іtѕ lоw соѕt іn bоth ассоmmоdаtіоn аnd іtѕ gеnеrаl соѕt оf lіvіng. Yоu саn’t gо раѕt а $5 mаѕѕаgе оn thе bеасh whіlе ѕірріng а сосktаіl thаt соѕtѕ vіrtuаllу ѕраrе сhаngе bасk іn wеѕtеrn соuntrіеѕ.Tabanan is a  beautiful, natural and simply spectacular  boutique Bali hotels resorts hаѕ thе ѕun аnd thе bеасh thаt mаkеѕ а trорісаl dеѕtіnаtіоn арреаlіng but аlѕо hаѕ а rерutаtіоn fоr іtѕ Balinise сulturе. In mу еуеѕ thеrе іѕ nо bеttеr Aѕіаn сuіѕіnе thаn thе ѕрісу аuthеntіс Balinise dіѕhеѕ.

Sеусhеllеѕ іѕ аnоthеr іѕlаnd оf Afrіса аnd ѕіmіlаr tо thе Mаldіvеѕ. Thе Sеусhеllеѕ іѕ асtuаllу а соllесtіоn оf аn аmаzіng 115 іѕlаndѕ grоuреd сlоѕеlу tоgеthеr.
Thе арреаl оf thе Sеусhеllеѕ іѕ іt rаrе аnd nаturаl bеаutу whісh оrіgіnаllу dеrіvеd frоm mаіnlаnd Afrіса but еvоlvеd іntо ѕоmеthіng unіquе. A trір оut tо Bіrd Iѕlаnd wіll ореn уоur еуеѕ tо thе wоrld’ѕ nаturаl есо-ѕуѕtеm wіth оvеr 2 mіllіоn ѕооtу tеrn bіrdѕ nеѕtіng оn thе іѕlаnd.

The Best Wonderful Temples Of Angkor

Where to begin with Angkor? There is no greater concentration of architectural riches anywhere on earth. Choose from the world’s largest religious building, Angkor Wat; one of the world’s weirdest, the Bayon; or the riotous jungle of Ta Phrohm. All are global icons and have helped put Cambodia on the map as the temple capital of Asia. Today the temples are a point of pilgrimage for all Khmers, and no traveller to the region will want to miss their extravagant beauty.

Beyond the big three are dozens more temples, each of which would be the star were it located anywhere else in the region. Banteay Srei, the art gallery of Angkor, preah Khan, the ultimate fusion temple uniting Buddhism and Hinduism; or Beng Mealea, the Titanic of temples suffocating under the jungle. The most vexing part of a visit to Angkor is working out what to see, as there are simply so many spectacular sites.

The hundreds of temples surviving today are but the sacred skeleton of the vast political, religious and social centre of the ancient Khmer empire, Angkor was a city that, at its zenith, boasted a population of one million when London was a small town of 500,000. The houses, public buildings and palaces of Angkor were constructed of wood-new long decayed – because the right to dwell in structures of brick or stone was reserved for the gods.


The traveller’s first glimpse of Angkor Wat, the ultimate expression of Khmer genius, is simply staggering and is matched by only a few select spots on earth such as Machu Pucchu or Petra.

Angkor is, quite literally, heaven on earth. Angkor is the earthly representation of Mt Meru, the Mt Olympus of the Hindu faith and the abode of ancient gods. Angkor is the perfect fusion of creative ambition and spiritual devotion. The Cambodian ‘god-kings’ of old each strove to better their ancestors in size, scale and symmetry, culminating in the world’s largest religious building, Angkor Wat.

Angkor Wat is the heart and soul of Cambodia. It is the Khmers’ national symbol, the epicenter of their civilization and a source of fierce national pride. Unlike the other Angkor monuments, it was never abandoned to the elements and has been in virtually continuous use since it was built.

Angkor Wat is surrounded by a moat, 190m wide, which forms a giant rectangle measuring 1.5km by 1.3km. Stretching around the outside of the central temple complex is an 800m-long series of bas-reliefs, designed to be viewed in an anti-clockwise direction. Rising 31m above the third level is the central tower, which gives the whole ensemble its sublime unity.

Angkor Wat was built by suryavarman II (r 1110-52), who unified Cambodia and extended Khmer influence across much of mainland Southeast Asia. He also set himself apart religiously from earlier kings by to whom he consecrated the temple, built around the same time as European Gothic heavyweights such as Westminster Abbey and Chartres.

The sandstone blocks from which Angkor Wat was built were quarried more than 50km away and floated down the Stung Siem Reap on rafts. The logistics of such an operation are mind-blowing.

The upper level of Angkor Wat is once again open to modern pilgrims, but visits are strictly timed to 20 minutes.

7 Tips For Planning a Trip to USA

Planning a long vacation to USA can be a daunting task. Where to begin? What should be step one? What to pack? When to visit? Where to stay? So many questions! So much confusion! Hope the following trip planning tips guide you and help you out in planning your dream holiday:

1. Check the visa requirements: Visitors going to the United States must have a valid passport, visa, or other accepted documentation. Having said this however, in an effort to attract more tourists, the US has initiated a ‘Visa Waiver’ program for people going on a vacation for a maximum of 90 days. There are 36 countries already participating in this program. Check whether yours is one of them.

2. Rein in the dreamer!: While planning a trip, one tends to get over excited! You want to see it all, experience it all. But, you have to get practical and sit down to work on your budget and think about how much time you can afford to spend away from your job. USA is so huge, one trip will any which way not be enough to cover the entire nation.

3. Asses your personality: Are you a beach bum? Or would you rather hike across the Grand Canyon? Do you love skiing? Or would you rather go bargain hunting? Or are you a party animal? With USA housing every type of topography known to mankind, assess your personality and chose a vacation destination accordingly.

4. Research: Research well on your chosen destination.  Check the official website of the U.S. Department of State for any travel tips and warnings. The website also issue warnings about cities facing natural calamities.

5.  Use the power of the internet!: Once you decide your trip duration and budget, go to your favourite trip planning website and check out travel itineraries created by users or create your own customized one.  This way, you can enjoy your trip at your own pace. Unlike tour operators who rush you around a city to show you maximum number of tourist attractions in minimum number of days!

6. Put your ‘smartphone’ to good use: With wi-fi being available everywhere in USA, download a good trip planner and plan your trip on the go! Also, prep up your phone with applications such as Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook and Google Hangout so that you can stay connected with your loved ones while travelling.

7. Don’t forget to buy travel insurance: Not just while travelling to USA, but for any international trip you intend on taking up, travel insurance is always a good thing to invest in.

Apart from these travel tips, do keep in mind the following:

No vaccinations are required to travel to the US. However, you should make sure you are up to date with your health checkups and medicine doses. Health-care provision in USA is good but it doesn’t come cheap.

The US currency (dollar) is divided into 100 cents. Coins consist of 1 (penny), 5 (nickel), 10 (dime), 25 (quarter), 50 (half-dollar) and $1. Notes/Bill consist of $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100.If you are carrying currency exceeding a total of $10,000, you need to declare it at the airport.

Best 10 tips for travelling to Egypt

Egypt has long been a great destination for tourists from all over the world. There are several tourist destinations which can be visited when in Egypt. This is why many travel operators have come up with several tour packages from which visitors can choose as per their preference.

When travelling to any destination including Egypt, it is good to remember certain tips which will help you to enjoy a memorable trip alone or with family and friends. Here are some Egypt travel advices which should be takeninto note while touring Egypt.

1. The banks for exchange of money or for any other reasons can be approached on the days from Sunday to Thursday. However, banks in airport are opened on all days. Major cards are accepted everywhere in Egypt. However, it is good to carry some cash for those places where cards are not accepted. Irish punts, Scottish pounds, New Zealand dollars and such other currencies are not accepted and must be exchanged to acceptable currencies. Western union branches are also available in case you run out of money and someone has transferred some amount back home.

2. When booking any cab for sightseeing, it is best to ask the hotel where you are staying. With this you can be assured of good rates and the fact that it is safe to travel alone in the taxis as they are well known to the hotel staffs.

3. Egypt being a Muslim country, they are conservative in approach. Hence, tourists should refrain from showing public display of affection and also wearing short and revealing clothes. Also, one must wear comfortable shoes to avoid any discomfort.

4. One important Egypt travel advice given by experts is, incase travelling alone, it is good to inform the hotel people about your plan for the day so that you can be traced if lost. One should also take note of important contact details of the hotel including hotel phone numbers, addresses and also some important landmark nearby.

5. If you want the entry visa to cost you less, then it is better to get it done at Egypt airport itself. Also, money exchange can be done at the airport itself as most of the conversion rates provided are much better here.

6. It is good to be part of a group when going to visit the various sites. When travelling in groups one need not worry about transportation, tickets and the likes. Such groups have a group leader who explains the group about the site in details and arrange transport and tickets too. It saves the tourist from lot of hassles.

7. When dining out, it is wise to take suggestion from the hotel you are staying and also fellow tourists to get the best experience. Also, it is advisable never to drink tap water as it might make you sick. One must carry packaged water and drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.

8. Doing a bit of research about the places you want to visit and the best time to visit is must to ensure good experience. Some sites are best to visit during morning and some in the evening. Also, carrying of flashlight is essential as some of the temples and monuments use natural light for illumination and you might require flashlight to see the intricate designs. However, do not use it if it is prohibited in some monuments as it might lead to damage.

9. Carrying medical kit is essential as you might require first aid at any point of time.

10. When purchasing any souvenir for family and friends back home you must bargain for a good price as they increase the price manifold. The same is applicable while hiring guides at various sites.

Travel Fast And Easy With San Jose Airport Taxi Service

It makes you trouble that time when you need the transport service for your immediate task and you don’t get in time. This is truly difficult the time when there is no option to visit or reach at the destination where exactly you want to go. So, what will you do at that urgent moment? Even, no personal vehicles are supporting because of its damages in some spares of your vehicle as well. There are numbers of transport services providers all over the world that provides you the best transport services anywhere where you would like to travel.

As you know travelling is a thrilling journey where you plan to go, easily can move by taking great assistance of the transport services. This one of the marvelous journeys for you travelling through roadways. Roadways trip is quite safety and offers the excellent security when you want to go. This is perfect for when you plan for the road trip through the taxi or cab services as well. Now it is time to move through the transport service that provides safest tour and you will be more excited whole ways. The driver is also very experienced and highly qualified whereas; they of course provide you protection all the time.

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Public Transport in Mumbai

Mumbai as we all know is a very densely populated city.So for an overly crowded city we have  four major public transportation options:

  • Local trains
  • Buses
  • Auto Rickshaws
  • Taxi’s

Auto rickshaws are only available in the suburbs of Mumbai. They do not run beyond Mahim towards south Mumbai. So people staying in the suburbs are lucky as they can catch an auto rickshaw just outside their door and get dropped where ever they want at a cheaper price than catching a taxi/cab. An auto rickshaw can accommodate only three people at a time. It is black in color and is known for causing traffic jams and small accidents. I guess all private cars in Mumbai some time or the other would have had a brush with an auto. All the auto drivers are always in a hurry, instead of using signal lights they use their hands and legs to notify the car driver behind that they are turning or stopping. Their brake lights never seem to work.  Though all autos are supposed to take you wherever you want , some of them can even reject you. But when compared to local trains and buses autos are a blessing in disguise for short distances.

Local buses have a very good network in Mumbai.  Our red BEST buses have increased in number drastically in the last couple of years. This is due to the increase in population. The frequency of the buses have also increased.  No longer can one see those double decker buses that used to run on the roads before.  In some areas the buses are so crowded that people sometimes have no place to even stand and you find them hanging outside from the back entrance. It’s a sight to see. Travelling by bus is cheaper than travelling by auto rickshaws or taxis. There are reserved seats for ladies, pregnant women, senior citizens and handicapped people right at the front of the bus. But when the bus is overcrowded no one seems to care as long as they have a seat to sit in.  Usually you board the bus from behind and leave the bus from the front but still at peak hours this norm goes for a toss. Bus drivers are known for stopping not at the bus stop but right in the middle of the road causing a traffic jam. Who cares for others as long as their job is being done. I suggest a dedicated left lane for all buses but this seems as a farfetched option as our roads are narrow, cars on roads are more, roads are being dug every second and population is increasing every millisecond. Now we even have a/c buses running on the roads. They are more expensive than the red BEST buses but are very comfortable. The only drawback is its frequency is very very low.

The black and yellow taxis of Mumbai can run from south Mumbai to Thane, Navi Mumbai and Vasai-Virar. So you can travel in private anywhere comfortably. Only four passengers are allowed in a taxi. Some of the privately owned taxis are so very well decorated as in they have extra lights, decorations like artificial flowers etc. even the seat covers are nice, but some taxis are very shabby. Taxis are the most expensive of all the public transports. But then you get private service. One thing I have noticed in most of the cabs that their tail and brake lights never seem to work so if you are driving behind them keep a safe distance. The air conditioned cabs are becoming very popular amongst the higher class people in Mumbai. You call the cab service and the cab waits for you at your doorstep in less than 30 minutes.  There is nothing like travelling in an air conditioned car in Mumbai as Mumbai is heavily polluted.

The local trains are the life line of Mumbai. Most of the population uses this form of transport as it is faster, convenient as frequency is very good, good network throughout Mumbai and above all is cheapest  form of transport. There are stations in mostly all the areas of Mumbai. The local trains carry around 7 million commuters on a daily basis. Earlier, all the local trains had 9 coaches, but due to the increase in usage, some of them were made into 12 coach trains. Now most of the local trains are 12 coaches leaving some, and there is demand for 15 coach trains, but that is a hurdle since all railway platforms cannot accommodate 15 coach trains, so the main stations are being extended to accommodate 15 coach trains. There are two classes in the trains first class and second class. Both vary in their ticket prices. If you are a regular on the train than you can buy a monthly pass which will save you the time of standing in queue everyday to buy your ticket and plus it turns out cheaper. The women and men compartment is different but at nights you can get into any compartment. A female should preferably avoid travelling alone in the train late at night. The government have provided security guards inside but most of the times they are never to be seen. Local trains do not function between 2am and 4am.

The local trains in Mumbai are divided into three zones – Western line, Central / Main line and the Harbour line. The western line originates from Churchgate and goes upto Virar. The central line originates at Chatrapathi Shivaji Terminus (also known as VT / CST station) and goes upto either Karjat or Kasara. The harbour line also originates at CST, and takes a detour at Wadala and goes upto Andheri on the Western line.

The rakes of the Mumbai suburban network have a maximum speed of 85 km per hour, but the drivers are given strict instructions to follow speed limits while entering or exiting a railway station. There have been lot of accidents of people trying to cross the railway tracks and now keeping this in mind, the Government is coming up with various programs to educate the people about the risk of crossing Railway tracks.

If you’re visiting Mumbai for the first time, it is advisable NOT to board a Virar fast from Churchgate station, because when you board the train, it might be empty but slowly it fills up so much that it is impossible for a new person to get off the train. Most people travel in groups on this route, and bully new people who wish to either get off at Bandra or Andheri station. At peak hours the trains get so crowded that people hang out of the door and travel on top of the trains.

Now, I guess all mumbaikars are waiting for the metro to start to ease out our lives more.  So all in all  Mumbai has a fantastic  public transportation network. So run Mumbai run- smooth.

Plan your Honeymoon at Maldives smartly

By following few essential tips you can make your honeymoon at Maldives the most memorable trip of your life and also the most error free one.

  • It is your honeymoon and not any sort competition that you need to prove yourself. Therefore do not keep any sort of expectation while planning your trip. Chill out and plan a trip that is relaxing. You do not have to prove anything to anyone here. All you need to do on your honeymoon is to sit back and spend a romantic time with your spouse. Get to know each other better.
  • Staying organized is going to help you in making your honeymoon at Maldives more tranquil. Make sure that you start early. By planning your trip early nothing will get slipped out of your mind. Everything can be done in a systematic manner. You can get low cost booking in your flight and even at the resorts. All in all planning your honeymoon earlier will help you stay systematic and cover all the possible loop holes that may have a chance to occur.
  • In case you are feeling too much of pressure on your shoulder while planning your honeymoon at Maldives then you always have an easy way out. Look out for a good travel agent you can do it for you. Selection of the travel agent might take time but spending your time on that is still worth than taking all the pain yourself. There are great travel agents that you might find in your vicinity. Make sure that you choose one who is easily reachable. By doing this you will be able to get timely updates from him and when in doubts you can contact them in no time and get your doubts cleared.
  • Even though you have hired a good travel agent for your honeymoon at Maldives make sure that you also have your say. Tell them to do whatever you want on your honeymoon rather than agreeing to what the agent is offering you. If it is a good deal and he shows you better option than yours then it is still fine. But you need to do a thorough research on your own also.
  • Always set a budget and stick to it when you plan your honeymoon. If you do not have a buiget on your honeymoon you are definitely going to be in a great loss as you will not know when to stop and how much to spend on what. Even while you are on board make sure that you just carry the budget amount you have planned so that you do not have to regret after your trip.

Things to indulge in Goa on a Honeymoon Trip

Thronged by millions yearly Goa is a hot property when it comes to spending the beautiful phase of the life. Couples looking to plan and enjoying a honeymoon in Goa is the smartest decision one could make. Revel on the beaches, carnival or relish the delicious crab curry everything is perfect rising to the occasion.Luxury Stay

Apart from the hippy culture Goa is famous for its luxury villas, beach resorts and hotels. The accommodation offers a prefect ambience for a much needed romantic occasions. Couples likes to spend a solitude time away from the frenzy beach crowd then these are the perfect sites for such occasions. Book a hotel close to the beach and enjoy the exquisite sea right from your hotel windows. Gift your better-half a full dose of complete indulgence with great food, spa and unravelled hospitality. Experience the best of Goa Honeymoon Packages with range of travel deals.

Rejuvenating Spa Resorts

There is an old saying a day began well is a day won. Staying at any of these spa resorts in Goa you will come home relaxing and totally invigorating. These spa works towards the holistic treatment of mind, body and soul. Following a daily routine like eating light, detoxing and a complete wellness programme for a cheerful beginning of a new life. Improve you immunity with Ayurveda and Yoga and see the glow in your face.

Extravagance Beach Tent

Let the sea wave’s prelude sooth your senses and the sound of chirping bird’s wakes you. Just book an accommodation right at the seashore at the spick-and-span beach tents. These beach tents cater to the class of travellers having a penchant for the luxury. At the beach tents, enjoy Goa Holiday while savouring delicious food, staying hassle-free by the sea for as long as you can.

Vibrant Beaches

Apart from the sun, sea and sand, beaches in Goa are popular for their music festivals and events. They convert themselves in an all day and night party spot. The peak season is from December to January. The highlight is the last week of the year when virtually there is no end to partying. Recharge and refuel all your senses, at the party capital of the country.

Cotigo Wildlife Sanctuary

Set on a romantic drive to the second largest wildlife sanctuary in Goa. Just 9km from the stunning Palolem, the trip will take you to the quaint and tranquil place. Encounter the diverse wildlife and hit the trekking trails with your partner snapshotting every moment. A great way to explore the green side of Goa and enjoying an amazing Holiday Tour.

Colonial Heritage

A great way to explore the rich colonial legacy with your partner. The place is dotted with finest churches perhaps the best in Southeast Asia. Saunter the alleyways of Old Goa divulging the rich legacy left by the Bijapur Sultanate and Portuguese. Apart the state is also renowned for its European- Gothic style churches such as Se Cathedral, The Basilica of Bom Jesus, Church of Saint Cajetao, and Church of St. Francis of Assisi.

American Photographer to Display Solo Exhibition in Old Havana

The American Photographer Michael Dweck was invited to travel to Cuba to exhibit through images the secret life of Cuba’s creative class at Fototeca de Cuba Museum in Old Havana, the most visited heritage town in the whole Cuban archipelago and one of foreign tourists’ best choices for their fascinating Havana holidays.

Dweck’s personal exhibition called Habana Libre will take place on 24th February 2012 and it will continue until 24th March 2012. Prior to the show in Old Havana, the exhibition was shown at Modernism Gallery in San Francisco, Blitz Gallery in Tokyo, Staley Wise Gallery in New York, Izzy Gallery in Toronto and Art Basel in Miami.

“I love the way the book displays the photographs, but as I’ve been given the honour of being one of the first living American artists to exhibit in Cuba, I felt I had to present something additional as a show of respect and gratitude,” Dweck said.

“The unique motif is meant to honour the beauty of the island’s past, reflect the heat of the people and serves as a reflection of their spirit, their future, their potential. Day-in and day-out, Cubans are preserving much more than the metal of old cars. They’re preserving a lost way of life and I want to pay tribute to that in a small way,” he added.

Some talented Cuban artists are also included in Dweck’s photographs such as Kelvis Ochoa, musician; Rene Francisco, painter; Yaday Ponce, dancer; Rachel Valdez, painter; Carlos Quintana, painter; Leonardo Padura, novelist and Francis del Rio, musician.

According to this American photographer, with brush and shutter and clay and chord the artists of Havana put their conscience on record. Their art is their vision of the country and Habana Libre is its interpreter.

The Habana Libre exhibition will be open at Cuba’s most important photography institution and it will be an excellent opportunity for both Cuban locals and foreign visitors taking Havana holidays to see images presented in greater scale using an unconventional recycled Kraft paper and special printing wax based toner technique in the city’s most ancient and colonial part.

Old Havana, with its beautifully restored Havana hotels, old cathedral, busy and well-preserved plazas, museums and art galleries, will be again witness to an unprecedented cultural event as its author says: “it is a story of seduction suggested but never told.

Akshardham Temple Reviews

Akshardham Temple

Akshardham temple or Swaminarayan temple located in India’s heart or in the capital town of New Delhi epitomises 10,000 many years of the rich tradition from the Indian culture in all its beauty. The temple showcases the grandeur and essence from the ancient architecture. The grand architecture symbolises the timeless spiritual messages which has passed on since the centuries within the Hindu religion. The temple is locked in high esteem which depicts the traditional values of Hinduism, the artistry from the period and the overall contribution for that progress, happiness and harmony of mankind.

The temple was constructed inside a period of just five years using the blessings of the great Pramukh Swami Maharaj from the Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha. It was the culminating effort of 11,000 artisan and was inaugurated on 6th of November 2005. Akshardham means the eternal or even the divine abode of the Lord. Defined within the Vedas as the abode of eternal values and virtues the Swaminarayan temple is definitely an example of temple architecture at its best.

Temple Architecture

Built without needing a a single piece of steel, the Temple includes 234 ornately carved pillars, 9 ornate domes, 20 quadrilateral shikaras plus a spectacular Gajender Pith with plinth of elephants carved around the stones. The Temple includes 20, 000 statues or murthis of the several Hindu Deity and also includes the statues from the noble sadhus, devotees and eminent personalities. Erected from a fusion of pink stone and white marbles the temple symbolises shakti and eternal bloom with complete purity and peace.

The Akshardhanm temple was designed to honour the fulfilment from the wishes of the Guru Brahmaswarup Yogiji Maharaj, your fourth successor in the spiritual hierarchy of Bhagwan Swaminarayan .Lots of hard working and endeavour was seen for Pramukh Swami Maharaj the follower of the Swamiji in giving final contour around the temple. The massive bit of architecture is of height 141.3ft having a width of 316 ft using a length of 356 feet.

Akshardham: Government Sponsored Religion

Today we visited that which was arguably the strangest religious institution I’ve ever been inside: Akshardham. The project was orchestrated through the BAPS (Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha) movement, a collective of Hindus who donate a particular portion of their income towards the movement in order to preserve its cultural heritage. Akshardham is really a massive mandir, one of the largest on the planet, and was completed in 2004 after an amazing effort put out by a large number of Indian craftsmen, artisans, and laborers. The architectural jobs are absolutely insane – every sq . inch of the mandir deserves praise and a focus. Thousands of images of gods, sages, and animals are etched in to the massive walls and domes of Akshardham. Additionally, the sprawling mandir grounds are host to beautiful gardens, full of fountains and various sculptural tributes to the good reputation for India.

However, despite all of the material beauty of Akshardham, I couldn’t help but seem like something was off – this area seemed to lack…well…soul. In the central and many ornate portion of the mandir stood a massive golden statue assertive who I could not recognize, despite my fairly decent understanding of Hindu mythology and religion. Furthermore, after our self tour of the mandir we were given an animatronic good reputation for this mysterious golden man, who we soon learned was the esteemed Swami Narayan, the person who this entire temple would be a tribute to. No bullshit using the animatronics either, it was like the Pirates from the Caribbean ride at Disneyland, except with increased subtle religious brainwashing.After the animatronic history lessons i was lucky enough to have a short boat ride through Vedic India and learned much more about the greatness of ancient India. Regardless of the weird Disney feel of products up till this point, I had been still pretty excited about the entire experience – after all I actually do love India and I deeply love Hinduism…so what was the big deal, right?

Anyways, following these history lessons came probably the most bizarre portion of the mandir visit: a 50 minute movie narrating the life span of Swami Narayan which emphasized his values and divinity. Even weirder was the continual reassurance that Swami Narayan’s immaculate teachings have been passed down “through an unbroken lineage of spiritual masters!” The final time I checked there isn’t any central Hindu “Pope” – hundreds of thousands of spiritual guides and teachers have existed throughout Indian history. At this time this shit just didn’t feel right – it had been like the entire Akshardham experience was attempting to create an entirely new Hindu godhead for the following millennium of Indians, an immaculate example for those to follow (Praise Jesus!). It seemed there was some sort of hidden agenda within this towering new place of worship.

Overall, the whole experience was devoted to teaching visitors about this Swami Narayan character. Everything elevated him towards the highest level, and we were repeatedly told that his values can advice the world to a better tomorrow. Frankly, I agreed with each and every value that was being purported, however it didn’t change the fact that Akshardham was attempting to turn a man into an all-knowing godhead – a thing that doesn’t really sit well with many of the religious traditions asia.

Akshardham Temple – Reflection Of Traditional Hindu Culture

Swaminarayan Akshardham, about the most Hindu religious destination of India, can be found on the banks of the river Yamuna in East Delhi close to the Nizamuddin Bridge in New Delhi. The temple displays centuries of traditional Indian culture and Hindu culture, spirituality, and architecture. The temple reflects the essence and magnitude of India’s ancient architecture, traditions and timeless spirituality. This unique structure consists of 20,000 statues, floral motifs and delightful carved pillars made of stones.

The building was inspired and moderated by Pramukh Swami Maharaj, the spiritual head from the Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha, whose 3,000 volunteers helped 7,000 artisans construct Akshardham. Akshardham means the eternal, divine abode from the supreme God, the abode of eternal values and virtues of Akshar as defined within the Vedas and Upanishads where divine bhakti, purity and peace forever pervades. The temple complex has drawn inspiration because of its architecture from the historic temples of Badrinath (Uttaranchal), Somnath (Gujarat) and Konark (Orissa).

Akshardham is not just a temple, but a location of education, entertainment and enlightenment. It’s possible to have an insight of exhibitions, gallery, musical fountain show and large screen film in the IMAX theatre within the temple complex. At the heart from the complex is a palace-like monument built with a minimum of 12,000 tons of pink sandstone and white marble introduced from Rajasthan. A well known holiday travel, the Akshardham Temple is among the most beautiful structures built in the current India.

Godly Akshardham Temple                     temples-of-south-india.jpg

A very popular Hindu shrine, sited in East Delhi, the Akshardham temple looks awesome around the banks of River Yamuna. It had been constructed under the guidance of current spiritual leader, Pramukh Swami Maharaj who also is actually the guiding light of Swaminarayan Sanstha, BAPS. Yes, it is a pious shrine that amazes you using its various cultural and educational activities that are beautifully conducted by the Swaminarayan Sanstha. However, its architecture looks much like that of Akshardham Temple in Gandhinagar (Gujarat) and therefore thoroughly made up of Pink Sandstone and Italian Marble.

Within it you may see 11 ft tall gilded statue of their leader Bhagwan Swaminarayan and elaborated floral designing, arches, 20,000 statues, and extraordinary carved pillars remarkably represent wonderful Indian culture. While discovering its inner sights, you may even see first the ‘Hall of Values’ or even the Sahajanand Pradarshan featuring incidents from the lifetime of Swaminarayan, a film Neelkanth Yatrain in its in-house theatre called Neelkanth Kalyan Yatra and feel refreshed in the Yagnapurush Kund, the country’s largest step well musical. However, the Boat Ride, Garden asia, Narayan Sarovar, AARSH Centre, etc. are some really exquisite draws of the temple that educates you much more about your Indian cultural vastness.

Akshardham Temple Tour in New Delhi

Akshardham Temple is easily the most beautiful and most recently built temple in Delhi with lots of ritual values. It is found on the banks of the Yamuna River and constructed through the Bochasanvasi Aksharpurushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS). It was inaugurated in the presence of President APJ Abdul Kalam within the month of November, 2005. This excellent and huge temple took approximately years to accomplish.

Akshardham Temple of New Delhi is built inside a structural style very similar to the Akshardham Temple of Gujarat in India. Its structure is dependant on the antique Sthaapatya Shastras of ancient India. The temple consists of stones only without using any type of steel, only sandstone and marble happen to be used. Approximately 234 ornate pillars, floral motifs, arches, exquisitely carved pavilions, 9 ornate domes, 20 quadrangle shikhars, spectacular Gajendra Pith (Plinth of Stone Elephants) adorn this architectural wonder. You will find 20,000 statues of great sadhus, devotees, acharyas and divine personas inside this temple.

Akshardham Temple reflects the soul and need for Indias ancient architecture, ethnicity and timeless spirituality. For visitors, admission to the complex is free. The primary monument encapsulates ancient Indian “Vastu Shastra” and structural design. The white marble is 141 feet high, 316 feet wide and 370 feet long with 234 ornate pillars.

You will find over 20,000 statues and figurines of god and goddess, eleven 72-foot-high enormous domes (Mandapams) and attractive arches along with a double storied parikrama of red stonework surround the monuments with more than 155 tiny domes and 1,160 pillars. The entire shrine rises on the shoulders of 148 huge elephants with 11-feet high Panchdhatu statue of Swaminarayan presiding within the structure.

How to Reach

The Akshardham temple can be found near Noida which is the eastern side of Delhi. The easiest method to reach would be to take a bus or auto rickshaw towards the temple or you can take metro rail towards the temple. You can reach New Delhi in lots of ways, by air the capital is well linked to both domestic as well as international cities; just about all major international airlines operated their flights from IGI Airport of recent Delhi. Trains are also available from all areas of India. New Delhi also has very wide network of buses.

Places to stay

The hotels in Noida cater to both business and leisure tourists to Delhi. As being a part of National Capital Region Noida is based on the state of Utter Pradesh. Noida is a hub for business travelers as numerous of large industries has their placed in the city. The city is also growing at extremely fast rate in terms of residential purpose. It provides a number of accommodation facilities.

Hotels in Noida established a name for themselves in the hospitality industry within the National Capital Region. You’ll defiantly enjoy your remain in Noida hotels. Noida has some of best hotels around the globe like hotel Radisson that is a 5 star hotel. There are many budget hotels in Noida like Narula’s Shipra. Alternatively you may also stay in hotels located in eastern a part of New Delhi. There are many fine accommodations obtainable in this area to fulfill all the needs of tourists and tourists.

Akshardham Temple Gandhinagarak1.jpg

Akshardham Temple can be found in the Gandhinagar district of Gujarat, which stands bounded by Ahmedabad city within the southwest. One of the largest temples of Gujarat, Akshardham is really a place where you can find a rare amalgamation of devotion, art, architecture, education, exhibitions and research. The temple continues to be constructed under the aegis of Bochasanwasi Akshar-Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS) asia, which was and is headed by Pramukh Swami Maharaj.

Akshardham Swaminarayan Temple of Gujarat was inaugurated on 2nd November 1992. The inauguration ceremony from the temple coincided with the centenary celebrations of Yogiji Maharaj and was conducted by Pramukh Swami Maharaj only. The majority of the tourists coming to Ahmedabad make it a point to go to the Akshardham Temple situated nearby. The temple is really a carved stone edifice, which stands encompassed by expansive gardens. Akshardham Temple enshrines a seven-foot high, gold-leafed, idol of Lord Swaminarayan.

Akshardham-Temple-in-Gujarat.jpgAkshardham temple in Gujarat

Akshardham temple is easily the most renowned temple of the Swaminarayan Sect. The temple was built using pink stones with beautiful carvings.Lush green gardens and admirable fountain surrounded it, Akshardham temple can be found in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

It is a modern complex, built-in traditional Indian architectural style. This imposing 10 storey high monument is created entirely of intricately carved, 6000 a lot of pink sand-stone from Rajsthan, with no steel or cement used whatsoever, ensuring that the monument will last for any thousand years. It is 108 feet in height, 240 feet long and 131 feet wide. A lot more than 12 million man-hours of 900 skilled craftsmen have formulated this magnificent monument of 93 sculpted pillars, 40 windows carved from both sides, along with a feast of forms and filigrees.

In the middle of the spacious Akshardham complex, is a delicate and delightful architectural masterpiece, the Akshardham Monument, which enshrines the golden idol of Swaminarayan, the founding father of the Swaminarayan Faith. The first floor galleries house a museum portraying the 500 ‘paramhansas’, and many things belonging to Swaminarayan such as his letter towards the guru Ramanand, a piece from a classic tree from Chapaya, his pure wool shawl, a replica of his old home along with other displays.

10 Tips on Traveling with Children

Just the thought of taking my 9-month-old son on a vacation is enough to give me a panic attack. Any parent will tell you that traveling with children is about as exhausting as trying to herd a pack of wild chickens. Traveling with kids generally takes planning and a lot of patience; and I mean a lot of patience. While traveling to Yellowstone National Park last summer, my infant son slept soundly for most of the trip to the park. However, once we got to the park, he transformed into a wild child. He wanted to be held, and then he didn’t want to be held. He hated being in the car seat and had a pretty outstanding meltdown at a restaurant (some may call it a tantrum). Naptimes were spent driving in circles around the national park for like 2 hours. Or, we had to leave the park and take him to our vacation rental (30 minutes away) and let him sleep. Needless to say, that was one of the most exhausting vacations I had ever been on.fairbanks.jpg

If you are strategic (and patient) you can have a fun and memorable vacation with your children. I should mention, there is really no “one size fits all” method tip for traveling with kids. You just have to figure out what works best for you. I do have a few nuggets for parents based on my own personal experiences.

1) Before you book your vacation home exchange, be sure to read the house rules from beginning to end. There are several vacation home exchange properties that have rules regarding children. These rules are generally for liability reasons. So be sure to do some research. If you have questions, just talk to your host or travel coordinator

2) Also, check in advance identifying things that you may or may not need to bring for your home exchange. For example, will you need to bring a portable crib? Does the home exchange have a DVD player for cartoons and Disney movies? Are there extra pillows and blankets? Is the pool gated?  It is best to know the answers to these questions before you arrive.


3)   Save room in the suitcase for toys and other things to keep your kids entertained. Many vacation home exchange properties have washers and dryers on-site. This means fewer clothes and more toys for your kids. I will also mention that iPads can be lifesavers. If you have an iPad, download movies and cartoons to entertain your kids either on the plane, at the restaurant, or at the vacation home exchange.

4) If you are traveling with infants and babies, do be sure to pack a lot of diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, etc. If you need to bring formula, I recommend bring formula instead of the ready to use formula. Pack more than you expect you would need. Trust me. I once spent more than an hour at like 10 o’clock at night trying to find a store that sold the exact brand of baby formula that we were using at the time.

5) Don’t forget the car seat! It doesn’t matter what country you are visiting (or what the rules are regarding car seats), you will still need to buckle your children into car seats or booster seats. Safety is still more important than convenience so be sure to bring your child’s car seat unless you are certain that one will be provided to you at your destination.

6) Purchase tickets popular attractions in advance. Bored children waiting in line is not a very memorable experience. If possible, purchase tickets in advance to minimize the amount of time you will have to wait in line with your kids.

7) When you arrive to your vacation home exchange, do a quick safety check. Walk through your home exchange to identify possible hazards for children. In many cases, the hazards are minimal. But even something as simple as electrical outlets would attract my very curious (and very mobile) son. So be sure to do a quick walk through. If you have a toddler, you may want to pack some plastic outlet covers just in case (a box will set you back maybe $10).

8) If possible, try to stick to your child’s routine for naps, meals, and bedtime. One advantage to staying in a vacation home exchange is you really have all the comforts of home including quiet rooms for nap time. If you are changing timezones, remember your child’s sleep schedule will likely change. Do what you can to get your kid back on the track. If they are tired, call it a day, and put him or her to bed early.

9) Bring food that you know your kids will like. If you are traveling to a foreign country, there are no guarantees that your kids are going to like the food there. And since kids tend to be picky, it is best to bring some food that you know they will like and enjoy. If your child has food allergies, be sure to bring an Epinephrine (epi) pen just in case. Not all restaurants disclose the exact ingredients used in meals (especially if you are traveling abroad).

10) Be patient! Okay, so maybe the airline lost your bags. Or your 4-year-old decided to flush a bunch a toy down the toilet at the restaurant (and inadvertently, clogging said toilet and flooding the entire bathroom). Things are bound to happen. The best advice is to roll with it and try to have as much fun as possible. Weeks or months after these vacation “mishaps”, you will be able to laugh.

Costa Rica: Start Your Honeymoon at the Wedding

Planning a wedding is hectic, confusing, exciting, fun, romantic and more. When you’re booking a destination wedding, there are a lot of decisions to make from afar.

Why not combine honeymoon planning with wedding planning? It’ll make your life a whole lot easier!

It also simplifies the process of planning by narrowing down choices of venue and hotel to only the best of those that offer both!

So the first and easiest question would be: where do you want to go for your honeymoon?

Costa Rica is a premiere destination wedding location, and you can go straight from a romantic Central America wedding into a honeymoon to remember.

Here are six hot reasons to get married and take your honeymoon in Costa Rica:

1. Costa Rica weddings with all-inclusive packages mean that you can have your cake and eat it too! From the ceremony to the reception and beyond, these packages have everything that you, your groom and your guests could want, from wedding weekend celebrations to the honeymoon.

2. Adventure-loving couples can follow up their romantic wedding with an action-packed honeymoon. Costa Rica offers a host of activities, including horseback riding, whitewater rafting, whale watching, surfing, hiking and zip lining.

3. There are a number of Costa Rica beach resorts that specialize in gorgeous beach weddings, offering the full spectrum of wedding services, including honeymoon packages. This is one of the best ways to get a good deal, save some money and have everything you’ve been dreaming of.

4. When choosing a resort for your destination wedding, make sure that the package includes both ceremony and legal services. The last thing you want is to find out that you didn’t make an important arrangement well ahead of time!

5. You’ll also want to find out what activities are included.

Are they the same as what any vacationer could do or are there specialized activities for you and your groom? For example, many couples want to book dinners on the beach and massages for two.

6. Don’t hesitate to ask if there’s a discount for booking both your wedding and your honeymoon with the resort.

Many resorts will offer discounted packages if you’re going to extend your stay into the honeymoon. This also makes it a lot easier on the new husband and wife, because you can start enjoying your honeymoon immediately with no extra travel! The rest of your life begins immediately, with no layovers or delayed flights to bring you down.

Don’t just choose a destination wedding location, choose the perfect honeymoon location as well!

Kerala Tourism and Munnar Honeymoon

Kerala is famously known as God’s Own Country. Embark on Kerala tours and enjoy the beauty of Kovalam – the finest beach resort in the world, rich flora and fauna of Thekkady, exciting houseboat cruise over the pristine backwater of Kumarakom and view the beauty of nature at its best in Munnar. You also have the opportunity to visit to Munnar, endowed with scintillating natural beauty, sprawling tea gardens, spice plantation, exotic wildlife and lovely waterfalls that is found no where else in the world. Kerala tour packages offer you to enjoy the rich culture of Kerala, warm hospitality and tradition beauty, which is unique & worth to experience on your Kerala holiday. Enjoy the magic and wonders of these wonderful destinations by booking our especially designed travel packages and make your vacation a lifetime experience.

Tours to Kerala is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Kerala is the southern most state in the Indian peninsula and is known for its lush greenery, amiable cool climate, scenic natural beauty, rich culture and tradition, historical monuments, etc. Kerala tours take you through the peaceful and serene environment, where bounty of nature is always at its best to lure tourists. Kerala tours will take you through Munnar hill stations which is one of the famous hill station of India, famous backwaters in Alleppey and Kumarakom as well as beautiful laid down beaches in Kovalam and numerous other tourist spots. Planing for Kerala vacation is the perfect opportunity to explore a hidden paradise and to rejuvenate mind and senses. Kerala is one of the forerunner in human development index in India with one of the lowest mortality rates and infant mortality rate and a very good male to female sex ratio, Tours in Kerala gives you an unique opportunity to explore the rich culture, customs and educate one about the great heritage of the place and take all positive things from this wonderful place. So instead of waiting, go ahead and book your vacation package to Kerala with us as we are the leaders and forerunners in organizing Kerala holidays and using our own fleet of transport and houseboats and well served by a team of dedicated and professional staff. More of all during your stay in Kerala you will truly be awe-struck by the enchanting beauty of nature & its attraction, which are unique and are found no where else in the world.

Gods own Country, Welcomes you to enjoy the beauty and hospitality Munnar through our Munnar honeymoon packages from Bangalore .Kerala Tourism Packages is committed to provide memorable Kerala Tour Packages. Kerala, located on the South-western tip of India, enjoys unique geographical features that have made it one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Asia. Kerala was selected by the National Geographic Traveller as one of the 50 destinations of a lifetime and one of the thirteen paradises in the world. We also organize Kerala tour packages from Pune and near by locations

Nikon D5000 Battery Grip For Travel Review

It is important to choose the right Nikon D5000 Battery Grip for your travel,Because the digital SLR cameras are getting smaller, offers the addition of a battery grip a little more space for a better camera handling. This helps stabilize the camera properly, and should help to control camera shake, especially when you zoom in on a regular basis or more tele -Lens.

A battery grip is an accessory for an SLR/DSLR (and occasionally other cameras), which allows the camera to hold multiple batteries to extend the battery life of the camera, and adds a vertical grip with an extra shutter release (and other controls), facilitating the shooting of portrait photography.

It usually attaches to the camera body through the cameras own battery compartment and provides a cassette to hold additional batteries to increase the battery life for the camera. Most battery grips also come with a second cassette allowing the photographer to shoot using multiple AA batteries.

The installation of D5000 battery grip for the camera is very simple. In the case of my Canon D5000, it took less than 5 minutes from start to finish and involved, you simply remove the battery cover and attaching the battery grip with a large knurled wheel.

In summary, a Battery Grip will add a little extra weight and size to your camera, but the benefits are so much more than just an extra battery is installed. In fact, once a battery grip on your SLR camera, I doubt that you will not always, installed to remove it!

Ten Best Travel Photography Books Ever

Travel photography is a subcategory of photography involving the documentation of an area’s landscape, people, cultures, customs and history. The Photographic Society of America defines a travel photo as an image that expresses the feeling of a time and place, portrays a land, its people, or a culture in its natural state, and has no geographical limitations.

Here are the ten best travel photo books and photo essays ever:

1) Portraits by Steve McCurry

Portraits-by-Steve-McCurry-48140776350.jMagnum photographer Steve McCurry never set out to take portraits. Critically acclaimed and recognized internationally for his classic reportage, over the last 20 years he has worked for the “National Geographic” and other publications on numerous assignments: along the Afghan border, in Baghdad, Beirut and the Sahel. McCurry’s coverage of the monsoon won first prize in the World Press Awards, and was part of his portfolio when he was named Magazine Photographer of the Year in 1984. In 1985, McCurry photographed an Afghan girl for the “National Geographic”. The intensity of the subject’s eyes and her compelling gaze made this one of contemporary photography’s most celebrated and best-known portraits. McCurry is now equally famous for his other portrayals of memorable faces that he has encountered while travelling throughout the world. Compelling, unforgettable and moving, McCurry’s images are unique street portraits: unstylized and unposed snapshots of people that reveal the universality of human emotion.

2) Through the Lens: National Geographic’s Greatest Photographs

Through-the-Lens-National-Geographic-481This monumental collection of 250 photos, mostly in color and drawn from the National Geographic Society’s archive of 10.5 million, will be published simultaneously in 20 languages, with an eye toward the 113-year-old magazine’s international readership of 40 million. As in the magazine, the society’s signature blend of dramatic, rigorously composed natural shots and “family of nations”-style culture peeps are backed by broad captions and text (“Perfecting la dolce vita, the people of Europe are renowned for their wholehearted embrace of life’s rewards, from festivals to fine dining to stolen moments with friends or loved ones”) often far exceeded by the pictures themselves. Meticulously (and sympathetically) deconstructed in Catherine Lutz and Jane Collins’s early ’90s book Reading National Geographic, the society’s broader-crossing humanism is in full effect here-and it retains its arresting power. The six sections (“Europe”; “Asia”; “Africa & the Middle East”; “The Americas”; “Oceans and Isles”; “The Universe”) include the first color underwater photographs, as well as collaborative work with NASA, and prominently credit the 84 photographers whose work is featured, giving the book a less homogenous feel.

3) Work: The World in Photographs by Ferdinand Protzman
httpwwwamazoncomWork-Photographs-NationaThe enormous variety of things that people do for survival and sustenance is impressively represented in this book. Neither doctor nor lawyer is included, and only a small number of white-collar jobs make the cut. Instead, readers see clover collectors in Yemen, bootblacks in Portugal, ice fishermen in Russia, coal miners in West Virginia, and salt miners in Ukraine. The volume is arranged in geographic sections: Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Americas, and Islands. Interspersed among them are three thematic portfolios: agriculture, extraction (mining), and manufacturing. Protzman contributes engaging and helpful introductions to each geographic section, as well as brief notes introducing the thematic portfolios. With few exceptions the photos are captivating and of high technical quality. Most were taken within the past 20 years, although some are historical, including a few early-20th-century images by Lewis Hine. Many of the images display poverty, hardship, and oppression (especially of children). A few are whimsical, including a workhorse keeping cool in Spain with the aid of a tiny umbrella. The message that work can be tedious and dangerous, as well as rewarding and enjoyable, is thoroughly established.

4) Natural Fashion: Tribal Decoration from Africa by Hans Walter Silvester
Natural-Fashion-Tribal-Decoration-from-AIn this stunning collection of photographs, Silvester (Ethiopia: Peoples of the Omo Valley) celebrates the unique art of the Surma and Mursi tribes of the Omo Valley, on the borders of Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan. These nomadic people have no architecture or crafts with which to express their innate artistic sense. Instead, they use their bodies as canvases, painting their skin with pigments made from powdered volcanic rock and adorning themselves with materials obtained from the world around them—such as flowers, leaves, grasses, shells and animal horns. The adolescents of the tribes are especially adept at this art, and Silvester’s superb photographs show many youths who, imbued with an exquisite sense of color and form, have painted their beautiful bodies with colorful dots, stripes and circles, and encased themselves in elaborate arrangements of vegetation and found objects. This art is endlessly inventive, magical and, above all, fun. In his brief text, Sylvester worries that as civilization encroaches on this largely unexplored region, these people will lose their delightful tradition.

5) CHINA: Portrait of a People by Tom Carter
CHINA-Portrait-of-a-People-by-Tom-CarterThere are more than 1.3 billion people in China. Besides the majority Han Chinese, the population includes 56 ethnic groups numbering over one hundred million. Over the course of 2 years and 35,000 miles, photojournalist Tom Carter captured it ALL on film. For their historical value alone, the 800+ photos in Portrait are priceless. Carter’s anthropological-like study of China stands apart in its genre, as it focuses expressly on the PEOPLE of China. In addition to documenting the everyday life of “ordinary” people, Carter also backpacked to the most remote areas of China to observe reclusive ethnic minorities such as the red-turbaned Pai Yao minority of northern Guangdong and the resplendent Dong and Miao tribes of eastern Guizhou. From Inner Mongolian nomads to newlyweds in Hong Kong, from the teenage girl living in Chengdu dressed like an American punk rocker to the soot covered coal miner in Southern Shanxi, Carter’s camera documented the complexity and diversity of China like no other book ever has (or likely ever will).
6) The Travel Book by Celeste Brash
The-Travel-Book-by-Celeste-Brash-4814240Even the most avid readers of travel guides and travel literature will not have encountered a book quite like this one. It is huge and heavy but reasonably priced, and it is vastly informative, which is its calling card. All the writers who contribute to the Lonely Planet travel guide series have put heads, knowledge, and experience together and come up with an A-Z series of capsule profiles of every country in the world, 230 in number. Each country gets a two-page spread, on which are placed, like luscious dishes set before one at a feast, illustrations that are typical of Lonely Planet’s unique, non-picture-postcard brand of shots. The accompanying text presents a cogent rundown of the best experiences for gaining the essence of the place; books to read beforehand; music to listen to before you go; food and drink to consume once you are there; and a few brief but pungent closing comments on the trademark things to do and buy and see and what, ultimately, is the best surprise awaiting the tourist. For borrowers in the travel section to sit down, look at, and make notes from, without taking off the premises.

7) Fruits by Shoichi Aoki
Fruits-by-Shoichi-Aoki-48142772808.jpegIf you ever wondered where the catwalk got its claws, then the portraits gathered in photographer Shoichi Aoki’s book Fruits, from the streets of Harajuku in Tokyo, point the way to an extraordinarily imaginative and invariably stunning glut of mongrel fashion heists. A best-of collection from the fanzine of the same name, and published for the first time outside Japan, Fruits keeps its style clean: front-on, razor-sharp images, ranging from the deadpan to the manic, of the sharpest collages of sartorial influence that, usually, little money can buy. From off the peg to off the wall, kitsch to b***h, each person bears a combination and philosophy as distinctive as DNA. All shades of aesthetic are raided, with exquisite, scrupulous attention to detail. Punk is a favorite, as is, appropriately, Vivienne Westwood, alongside Milk and Jean-Paul Gaultier, and the occasional Comme des Garçons. Many of the outfits, though, are second-hand or self-assembly, such as a skirt drooping petals of men’s silk ties, Wa-mono, when tradition Japanese clothes are topped with, say, an authentic bowler hat, EGL (elegant gothic Lolita), and a swathe of tartans, pinks, and turquoises. The most malleable feature, unsurprisingly, is hair, with dreadlocks, mohicans, back-combing, and crops dyed an irradiated spectrum. While the eye is drawn, obediently, to the mannequins, the background is often worth a look, either for the vending machines against which a number are shot, or the ubiquitous Gap store and bags, a constant reminder of the global mass market.

8) One Planet – Lonely Planet Publications
The old adage that says a picture is worth a thousand words seems to hold true especially well for travel. Browsing through Lonely Planet’s One Planet: Inspirational Travel Photographs, a collection of some of the best photos from the Lonely Planet Images Library, will give you plenty of inspiration for your future travels; alternatively, you could simply use it as an excellent armchair travel experience. The introduction to this (smallish) coffee table book says that the pictures were chosen for beauty, of course, but also “for their sense of capturing a moment in time, a moment that is shared across the globe”. And it’s a good point, because this collection is relatively free of those vast landscape photographs or impossible-to-replicate air shots that some travel books love. In fact, in the vast majority of photographs there are people, keeping the collection far removed from typical postcard shots. The photographs are, as you can imagine, from across the world: a teenager in Chile, divers in Indonesia, street parades in London and people struggling against typhoon winds in Hong Kong. It’s a book to dip into again and again, whether you’re looking for ideas to help you plan a trip or just wanting to escape for a moment from everyday life.

9) Revelations: Latin American Wisdom for Every Day by Danielle Föllmi

Revelations-Latin-American-Wisdom-for-EvA cradle of Nobel Prize winners and a font of ancient wisdom, Latin America provides a wealth of sublime source material for the husband-and-wife creative team of Danielle and Olivier Föllmi. In the latest installment in their Offerings for Humanity series, the authors draw nuggets of written wisdom from the Andean plains to the Mexican desert. Set against the stunning visual backdrop of 365 photographs, taken all across the continent by Olivier, these quotations come from both world-renowned Latin American writers (including Pablo Neruda, Octavio Paz, and Carlos Fuentes) and traditional Indian spiritual teachings, demonstrating the subtle interweaving of ancestral belief and contemporary thought in one of the world’s most intellectually fertile regions. Like their previous explorations of Buddhist, Indian, and African wisdom, this new volume will surprise, enlighten, and nourish the soul. Danielle and Olivier Föllmi are the authors of 14 books, including Offerings, Wisdom, and Origins in the bestselling 365 series. They are the founders of HOPE, an association dedicated to education in the Himalayas and divide their time between the Alps and travels around the world.

10) Ruin: Photographs of a Vanishing America by Brian Vanden Brink
Brian Vanden Brink’s photographs of a decaying America provoke both melancholy and wonder. This is a thoughtful book that is worth keeping at hand for those times when one feels a need for introspection. Each of us likes to think that we are unique with eternal visions of our lives, but in fact our place in this world is only temporary – doomed to a certain deadly end. But men and women tend to leave monuments behind, and Vanden Brink has captured those relics with his camera — before the relics, too, turn to dust. Vanden Brink is a professional architectural photographer whose career has focused on contemporary architectural design. As he traveled around the country on assignment for such magazines as Architectural Digest, the New York Times Magazine and Down East Magazine in Maine, however, Vanden Brink’s artistic eye fell on old wrecks of homes, churches, stores, factories and bridges that were all but falling down. Fortunately, he took the time to photograph his discoveries. Vanden Brink is following a grand tradition in modern photography. The pioneer in this genre, of course, was Eugene Atget who focused on ancien France with his 19th century photographs of ghostly structures. Andre Kertesz was also a well know chronicler of fading architecture, as was Maine native Berenice Abbott. More recently, William Christenberry captured the essence of the old south with his penetrating photographs of crumbling buildings overgrown by vines and trees.

Girl Friendly Bangkok Hotels

Bangkok has some of the best red light sex districts in Southeast Asia. The availability of sex is the biggest attraction, and that’s why scores of men all over the world flock to Bangkok every year. But what most first time visitors to Bangkok don’t know is that there are hotels that charge you extra money for taking a lady back to your room and there are hotels that don’t care who you bring back (as long as it’s only one guest).

Chances are if you’re reading this, then you’re looking to take a lady back to your room. If that’s so then you want to book a hotel that is girl friendly in Bangkok. Non-girl friendly hotels charge a 500 Baht joiner fee and sadly it makes a guest feel sort of shameful as the security guard is usually the one who stops a guest with lady in tow from entering the elevator. Then you’re led to the reception desk, which is also called the walk of shame where you’re presented with a 500 Baht joiner fee.

To avoid this 500 Baht joiner fee and the walk of shame, you should book a hotel that is considered girl friendly. A prime example of one such hotel is the Peninsula. This is one of the top rated hotels in the world, yet they don’t care if you bring a prostitute back to your hotel. It’s an expensive hotel however. Fortunately there are plenty of affordable ones.

Girl friendly hotels are not just a hotel where men bring ladies to for sex.  These hotels are just like any other ordinary hotel in Bangkok where business people, tourist, travelers and so on stay. They simply have a relaxed policy on guest inviting a lady back to their rooms.

Girl friendly hotels hotel rates range from budget to astronomical. Some classic examples of budget hotels are the Majestic Suites near Nana red light district and Bally’s Suites Silom in the red light district of Patpong. Most of these budget hotels even include free breakfast and have a pool for guests to unwind on a hot afternoon.

What most first time travelers to Bangkok’s want to know is which red light district they should stay next to. The answer is Nana red light district. Nana is a district in Bangkok filled with clubs, beer bars, pubs and most importantly where you will find the most freelance Thai prostitutes on the streets at night. The main focal point however is Nana Entertainment Plaza. It’s a small building, just 3 story tall filled with a manner of go go bars. In the middle is an open arcade with several well known open air bars.

So if you’re looking for a girl friendly hotel, find one in the Nana red light district. That’s where all the action is and that’s where you should be to experience Bangkok’s sex district up front. But make sure you book ahead of time as most of those hotels are very popular.

Bangkok Land Tag

Bangkok is discover evenly East together with Developed nationalities which happen to have produced these kinds of elegant heart an individual with Asia’s’most popular holiday break destinations. An excellent escape relating to close family, vibrant adults together with self-sufficient people attempting to experience the exoticness from the Travel time, these kinds of strong area delivers quite a few techniques from ages last monuments to be able to occurence organizations and even betting houses! Not really for being missed on the flip side, can be a opportunity to see a lot of the wats or temples inside Bangkok which offer an remarkable enjoy for the nation’s stuffed friendly past which is certainly however very undoubtedly an inclusive part of the specific folk’life-style.

The particular Brow from the Bright green alternative Buddha, the specific Brow from the Scattered Buddha together with the Brow in relation to Dawn are almost always one of the recognized wats or temples throughout Bangkok.

Bangkok takes pride for its large numbers of compelling and not to mention fascinating temples in the world. It is dotted with more than 400 glittering Buddhist temples with great architectural beauty and magnificent palaces. A temple tour Bangkok is the most popular tours that will give you rich insight into these architectures designs, Buddhism and not to forget the hassle and bustle of Bangkok and its culture.

Three of the most visited temples include:

Wat Traimit houses with the world largest massive Buddha gold measuring almost five meters in height and weighing more than5.5tons. It is made of 83% of pure gold and with a colorful history that apparently is recounted in a free pamphlet dispersed with your admission. Entrance in the Golden Buddha is just 40 baht (1.11 USD) with some other few additional fees. You will learn the detailed secret of Golden Buddha and the culture of Bangkok religions.

The best temple tour Bangkok includes reclining Buddha at Wat pho-known as the birthplace of the traditional Thai healing and medicines. It is located just behind the temple of Emerald Buddha and just a ten minutes walk to the popular Grand Palace. Wat pho is also the largest temples of Buddha covered with a gold leaf. The wat pho also houses more than one thousands images of Buddha. It is also a great place you can have a traditional Thai massage.

The other temple to visit is Wat Benchamabophit best known as marble temple withthe most beautiful structures in Bangkok. This temple houses a magnificent and impressive cloister collection of Buddha images made of bronze. It is reckoned as the most finest temple structure in the world. The admission is just 20 Balt.

This tour can take a half day with a drive through the flower market, China Town, Indian town, and the central business district of Bangkok.

The Journey of a Lifetime – Hotel Choices and Travel Tips

The bustling and noisy city of Agra often named as one of the must see places on earth, not because of its busy streets, hawker infested markets or constant mayhem but because at its heart Agra holds the greatest symbol of love, the Taj Mahal. Made as a tribute to his wife Mumtaz, who died in childbirth, by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. Named one of the busiest tombs in the world, the majestic mirage that stands to exemplify love is an attraction for both local and global travellers. An average of up to 60,000 tourist visit the tomb daily.

There may be many sonnets on the beauty of the Taj mahal but none compares to seeing it in its real glory. The Taj in perfect lightning, pink at dawn and dusk, and a stunning silver by night is one of its kind. The Taj is not the standalone attraction of Agra, many tombs and mausoleums from the Mughal era adorned the city.

When to travel?

The best time to visit the majestic Taj is mainly after the harsh Indian monsoons around October and until mid-March, before the start of summer heat. The tourist spots may see an influx of people during the long Diwali holidays when the local tourist are on their vacations.

Before you travel.

Travelling unprepared is not recommended. Before you, leave home be sure to do your Hotel booking in Agra. Bookings can be made through the various websites or travel companies that are available for your ease, reviews for each hotel in Agra is available from five star hotels in Agra, luxury hotel in Agra or even motels and small bed and breakfast in the city. Many of them offer pickups from the airport to ease the transit for their guests.

For International visitor a valid Indian visa is required to enter the country. Domestic tourist have no such needs and can travel through the domestic routes via buses or private cars.

Tourist often opt for the ‘golden triangle tour’ which includes Agra with the Taj being the chief attraction, Rajasthan with its mesmerising array of palaces and forts, and the capital Delhi where the vast Red Fort, the Jama Masjid mosque, the towering Qutb Minar, Humayun’s Tomb and Fatehpur Sikri. These tours are available for private and group bookings.

Taking a tour.

Private and group tours are available on a daily basis, which do all your bookings, include sightseeing and even meals. The tour guides are multi lingual due to the popularity of the Taj with international tourist.


When booking a hotel online you can chose from the best five star hotels in agra and luxury hotels in Agra, to other low budget options, which is the main defining expenditure in your stay in Agra. Other expense of commute and shopping are fairly lower in competitive bazars where bargaining is often easy. Food is available easily and in a variety to treat your taste buds.

The journey to the mysterious Agra that stands on the bend of vivacious Yamuna River is one you will cherish for a lifetime. So pack your bags and be prepared to be mesmerized.

3 Pune Travel

Pune perfectly symbolises the modern India – which has become a baffling amalgamation of capitalism, spiritualism, old and new. It’s in this metropolis that you witness old colonial charm that’s been retained in some buildings and residential areas. It’s in this metropolis that you will unfailingly experience the extremes of academia and business. Pune is a must-visit city – the experience alone will soothe the depths of your body and soul.

The city is built at the confluence of the Mutha and Mula rivers. Mahatma Gandhi Road that lies about 1 km south of Pune train station is the main commercial street. Koregaon Park is home to hotels, restaurants, cafes, and almost everything else.

We’ve been to Pune many times – and we feel we have come to know this city a little bit – so here we are with 3 tips to help you explore Pune better.

Plan it all

Planning sounds simple, doesn’t it? But most of the travellers fail to do this very simple yet very essential thing.

You need not to be a genius to plan your trip. Get to know about the city: the main attractions, the hotels or the service apartments in Pune, the regional foods and drinks that you must not miss out, etc.

Osho Ashram, Shaniwar Wada, Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, Tribal Museum, Aga Khan Palace, Bund Garden and University Park are some of the tourist attractions of Pune. With a little bit of online and offline research, you can get to know a lot more places to be at in Pune.

Book your air / train travel and stay

This is the next important step. Though Koregaon Park has many hotels and service apartments, it’s better if you book your place in a hotel or service apartment well in advance. This will save you from the last minute hassles.

To book your room, just search online for the hotels or accommodation in Pune. Go through a couple of sites of hotels and service apartments. And then book your place which looks the best of the lot available.

Eat, drink, and explore

Pune has hundreds of food joints and restaurants and hotels. So just don’t stop eating and drinking. And as for exploring the city, the sky should be the limit for you – there’re literally hundreds of things to explore and savour. Make sure you don’t get left behind in getting a closer look at the city and mingling with the locals that are warm and welcoming.

We’re done with our tips – however, we have a lot more to share with you.

Minibus Travel for a Safe Form of Transport

Coach and minibus travel is statistically one of the safest forms of transport available. This is also seen very much as a common form of transport, used by thousands of people across the UK. It is also seen as perfect for serving the requirements of large scale group travel across short and long distances. No matter where in the UK you may be based, you can also be sure of being able to find and hire a firm for this type of transport service. There are also firms able to offer such services tailored to specific types of levels of budgets.

Good for larger trips or events, a good quality minibus can make a travel experience and excursion all the more pleasurable. Advice on minibuses, seatbelts and transport can be found on all of the top minibus hire firm websites and can be a good way of making sure you hire from the ideal service provider. Minibus Hire provides minibus and coach transportation to accommodate small and large group travel in a flexible and overall highly effective manner. Minibuses are an ideal form of transportation for students or even general day to day visitors looking to go to a day to day type of event.

Most firms ensure the adequate supply of good quality, safe minibuses, multi person vehicles and cars at competitive prices. Qualified minibus drivers are eligible to drive MPVs, but not vice versa. If you may in any way feel a little unsure as to who is driving the minibus, check up the drivers credentials and from here you can make sure you are in safe hands. There are a lot of firms who do not operate correctly, so if unsure ask to see the relevant documentation.

Whilst on hire, a minibus can only be driven by someone who is on the register of VOSPA drivers. Make sure you look also when looking at a firm and choosing a firm as to whether they are VAT registered. Here you can see how genuine the firm is and how trustworthy they may be in hiring them as your minibus hire provider. You need to literally look at this as being an investment and you need to make sure you hire the best and safest option of all. After all, it is likely you will not know the driver so make sure you pull out all the stops to make sure you have the best overall minibus hire service set in place.

10 Mistakes People Make While Planning the Honeymoon

The wedding day, the D day comes, often sooner than expected, the guests all have a merry time, and you get hooked for life! The words might sound simple, but the entire show might prove to be more tiresome than you could ever imagine! The being said, you always have the incentive to wear off all the tiredness…yes, we are talking about your honeymoon! The fall-back holiday, that is the right of all newly-weds! However, for your romantic getaway to be more than just a regular pleasure trip, you’ll have to ensure that you don’t commit any of these 10 most common mistakes that generally honeymooners make, that too in the planning stage! So, here’s how it goes:

  1. Cost-Cutting

You must acknowledge the fact, that this isn’t merely a pleasure trip. It is your honeymoon, and for all practical reasons, it will set the tone of the life-long bond that you will be sharing with your better-half, and ending up in tattered room might not be your best bet. Hence, even if you have to choose for a fairly inexpensive destination, or cut down on the number of days, do not go overboard with budgeting!

  2. Too much to do

Planning a honeymoon can be extremely exciting, and may lead you to believe that it is the best time to travel to all the impeccable places that you’ve itching to visit for a long time now! After-all, it’s your first getaway with the love of your life! While this proposition may sound appealing, but it may not be a good idea after all! Simply because, this getaway is meant for the two of to spend some quality time together instead of hopping on and off tour buses and switching hotels.

3. Going to a place you wish to explore

If you book a tour to a place that has always been on a bucket list, be prepared to miss out on a lot of things that you may have wanted to do, places that are a must visit and food that you should not miss for the world. Given that you’d eventually end up wanting to spend much more time with your better half than indulging in these things, at the end of the trip, you’ll feel cheated!

4. Not asking for upgrades

This is your time, and it is on you to make the best of it. Ask for upgrades. Don’t be modest. Don’t hesitate. After all, a suite room, a romantic touch with flowers and candles or a welcome kit especially designed for honeymooners, may all be at stake!

 5. Not taking up any activity at all

While, to some the idea of laying on the beach, getting tanned and lazing around with the partner may seem to be the perfect plan for a honeymoon, let’s get something clear. It is not. Relaxed time and romantic settings are sure a great idea, but you should also plan an adventure or two, or simply a live show or concert that you can revel in, while at your honeymoon! This will in fact, help you bond better! Seriously, trust us on this one!

6. Choosing to go with a group

Some people are a little too sceptic of going on a trip all by themselves, and end up either asking some friends to join in or simply opting in for a group tour! This may, well, be one of the biggest blunders you can make. Simply because, you don’t want anyone else to tell you when to get out from the bed, not at least when you’re honeymooning (if you know what we mean!) and more so, because you don’t want others to give you those unwanted stares when you share a small hug, or give a peck to your partner!

 7. Choosing a busy family hotel

That’s a big no! Stay in a hotel that has a romantic setting, and is known for entertaining couples. You surely do not want your romantic moments to get hampered by a toddlers screaming and crying around their way in the hotel lobby, or worst learning to swim in that exotic swimming pool!

8. Carrying too big a luggage

This is the time for you to unwind, and enjoy a relaxed intimate time with your partner. So, make sure you don’t pack a ton of luggage! Try to travel as light as possible. This will help you have a hassle free travel experience, while also ensuring that you enjoy your time to the most!

 9. Over Planning

Don’t go over-board with the planning, and do not plan every single minute that you’re going to spend on the trip. Moreover, ensure that your tour gives you enough space and time to laze around and enjoy some intimate time together!

 10. Not keeping a tab on the weather

Wherever is it that you plan to go, doubly check the weather conditions that prevail at the time of your travel, lest you might end up being trapped in your hotel room, unable to enjoy the surroundings, which b the way we’re sure you wouldn’t mind!

Wolfgang Freithof Launches Photography Packages for Caribbean Weddings

Renowned fashion and beauty photographer, Wolfgang Freithof, has launched a new set of photograph wedding packages through his company, A Day of Bliss, all specifically created for couples getting married on tropical islands in the Caribbean.

Freithof will be able to capture the most magical special moments during Caribbean weddings, from beginning to end, with the same professionalism, quality and style that couples would receive during weddings at his base in New York and other destinations across the world.

Under the Waterfall

The packages are tailor-made to suit the style and theme of individual destination weddings and newlyweds will receive high quality images and albums that will be cherished for years to come.

While many American couples (or UK ones for that matter) might choose the services of local photographers for their Caribbean weddings, Freithof explained why it helps to use a New York wedding photographer.

“While there are some excellent wedding photographers in the Caribbean they often do not fully understand a US client’s expectations,” he said. “Many couples are not willing to take these risks, nor should they leave anything to chance on their big day.”

Beach Club Infinity Pool

Couples getting married abroad in a tropical Caribbean destination will have the services of two professional wedding photographers from A Day of Bliss, which will make it possible for every detail of the day to be captured. While one photographer shoots the moment that the bride and groom exchange their vows, the other one will be capturing the expressions of guests as they watch, whether they are attending typical barefoot beach weddings or more sophisticated tropical ceremonies in tropical gardens.

The photographers’ travel costs to the chosen Caribbean destination for the wedding are included in the package prices which have been announced just in time for the forthcoming wedding season.

Weddings abroad are on the rise as more couples all over the world chooses exotic locations such as the Caribbean for their big day. The collection of beautiful islands offers idyllic surroundings for intimate ceremonies with settings that range from white sand beaches with against a backdrop of the turquoise ocean, to a decorated gazebo in lush gardens, or elegant function rooms and restaurants of luxury resorts.

Wolfgang Freithof has made his name in the fashion world as a photographer for magazines such as Vogue and he has taken pictures of supermodels including Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Iman and Veronica Webb. The photographer was given the honour of being the only photographer at the tango-themed wedding of Hollywood actor, Robert Duvall, which took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Great Value Hotel at 388 Pesos Per Night at Go Hotels Manila!

The Gokongweis have expanded their business empire to include hotel accommodations. This is not surprising as they have “faithfully” followed the footsteps of the multi-awarded company, Air Asia. With steadfast leadership from Lance Gokongwei, the family’s business empire has catapulted to record-breaking numbers with its airline brand, Cebu Pacific, gaining more than 50% of the industry’s market share. Following Air Asia’s Tune Hotels, the Gokongweis have launched their own version in the name of Go Hotels. For as low as only 388 pesos ($8.50) per night, this value hotel is set to stand out and be more than fully booked in the months and years to come. The earlier one books a reservation, the better the rates will be. This method is patterned after their successful marketing strategy used in Cebu Pacific. If Cebu Pacific has made “every Juan fly”, Go Hotels is “a place for every Juan”.

The location of Gokongwei’s first Go Hotel is along EDSA (corner Pioneer Street), the main avenue where buses abound. It is only few minutes walk to the Boni Station of the MRT (Metro Rail Transit). Adjacent to the value hotel is a Robinson’s Mall, another business of the Gokongwei family.

Guests and balikbayans (Filipinos who work and/or live abroad) will benefit from this price slash in hotel accommodation by booking their stay forward. It is a buy-and-book hotel with fees associated with every revision (whether date or otherwise).

Word has spread that the next Go Hotel will be located in Tagaytay City, a place where the breeze is cool and the surroundings, more private.

City’s Public Transport Offers Students Choice In Hong Kong

Clean and efficient, these various networks cover much of the destination. Just as finding the right student accommodation in Hong Kong can make all the difference while studying, it’s also beneficial to know the ins and outs of the public transportation available.

When it comes to taxis, in Hong Kong this isn’t quite as simple as ‘grabbing a cab’ and there are some important things to know about how  they operate.

First is that taxis in Hong Kong come in three colours, with the colour of a taxi designating which areas that vehicle is allowed to operate in. Red taxis serve urban areas including all of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, green taxis serve New Territories areas like Tsuen Wan and blue taxis serve Lantau Island.

All taxis are allowed to travel to and from the airport, as well as Hong Kong Disneyland on Lantau Island.

An accessible taxi service is available for the elderly, people with disabilities and passengers with bulky luggage.

There is no bargaining on fares and taxi drivers probably won’t appreciate an ‘off the metre’ suggestion. There’s a small surcharge for luggage and any toll bridges used will incur a fee.

For an idea of taxi fares, using Hong Kong International Airport as a starting point and including related tolls, a trip to Central on Hong Kong Island is around HK$290, to Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon around HK$230, to Tsing Yi Station in the New Territories around HK$180 and to AsiaWorld-Expo on Lantau Island around HK$20.

With the exception of some very remote areas, taxis are plentiful throughout Hong Kong. They are air-conditioned and can usually be hailed on the street (except in restricted areas) or summoned by phone. A good idea can be to opt for a taxi queue at a hotel or a taxi stand.

Some other key tips are that passengers are required to pay the exact fare as recorded on the metre, passengers by law must wear a seat belt when one is available, taxi drivers are required to display their taxi driver identity cards on the dashboard, taxi fare information will be listed on the inside of the vehicle, and always ask for a machine-printed receipt – if the machine is not working, the taxi driver is obliged to provide a handwritten receipt.

If a problem is encountered while using a taxi, such as suspected overcharging, passengers can take note of the driver’s name and licence plate number shown on the identity card on the dashboard and contact one of the following numbers to lodge a complaint – Transport Complaints Unit Hotline +852 2889 9999, Transport Department Customer Enquiries Hotline +852 2804 2600, Road Co-op Lost & Found 24 Hours Free Hotline for Lost Property on Taxis Hotline +852 1872 920.

Another key component of Hong Kong’s public transportation is the MTR, with a network comprising of around 150 stations, from Kowloon’s Tsim Sha Tsui and Hong Kong Island’s Central to the New Territories and Lantau Island.

A number of hotels, serviced apartments and student housing in Hong Kong – such as the newly opened Campus Hong Kong property in Tsuen Wan offering stylish rooms near Tsuen Wan West station and Tsuen Wan station – are situated near the MTR (Mass Transit Railway) making for convenient and affordable travelling around.

Plan Most Romantic Honeymoon with Kashmir Tour Honeymoon Packages

Honeymoon is planned for the beautiful beginning of married life for all the couples and this much awaited event should be just perfect and simply romantic. If we talk about honeymoon destinations in India, Kashmir is undoubtedly the most sought after honeymoon destination which is worldwide popular for its pleasant climate and scenic beauty.

Affordable Kashmir tour honeymoon packages convert millions of people’s dream of visiting Kashmir to enjoy their honeymoon into reality. This awe-inspiring state is just opposite of urban culture and surroundings. Because of being blessed with dreamlike settings amid majestic Great Himalayas and Pir Panjal mountain ranges, Kashmir is also referred as “Paradise on Earth”.Heavenly settings make it one of the best honeymoon destinations.

The beauty of Kashmir lies in idyllic climate, snow covered mountain peaks, lush green valleys, cascading streams, beautiful flower gardens, splendid chinars and scenic lakes. Other than this, quaint structures, splendid crafts and rich cuisine make this exotic travel destination tempting for honeymooners. If your spouse is interested in going on walk amidst strikingly beautiful meadows or trekking through mountain trails, none other than Kashmir tour honeymoon packagescan be best option for you.

Kashmir tour honeymoon packages are being preferred not only Indian couples but also honeymooners from across the globe.No matter in which season you are planning your visit to Kashmir because pleasant climate of Kashmir offer opportunity to rejuvenate both mind and soul. But winter season from December to early February is the time when it can be seen extreme cold and some of the routes are blocked due to snowfall.

Sightseeing activities that are offered with Kashmir tour honeymoon packages include Mughal gardens, streams, lakes, rivers, shrines, temples & mosques,flower parks, etc. In addition to this, honeymoon couples can indulge in a wide range of outdoor activities also such as Shikara ride and adventure sports that include white water rafting, surfing, kayaking, canoeing, angling, fishing, trekking, hiking, camping, walking, exploring, etc. Other than this, they can also enjoy several winter sports like Skiing, Heli Skiing, ice skating, snowboarding and many others. Also, honeymooners can go for shopping in local markets as well as in shopping complexes where they can find wide variety of traditional products of Kashmir at very reasonable price.

Regardless of security concerns, Kashmir Valley is one of the sought after honeymoon destinations of all seasons. You can find several Kashmir honeymoon packages with travel companies and book one as per your preference for a perfect start of your blissful married life. Kashmir tour honeymoon packages can be the initial best gift for your beautiful wife to offer soon after marriage and she will appreciate the whimsical beauty of the state forever.

4 Amazing Pocket-Friendly Honeymoon Destinations in India

Plan a budget as well as a memorable honeymoon trip. Well, India has some amorous places to be in that too not spending much. Here is a list of 4 graceful destinations which will win your heart.

Why travelling to foreign countries or international destinations, when you can soak in an exotic nature in your own land. The snow-capped mountains of the north to the golden sandy beaches of the south, India has some incredible places to enjoy. Honeymoon in some amazing and lively spots of India won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

Here is the list of 4 gorgeous destinations from all over India to enjoy your honeymoon.

1) Ooty: Nestled deep in the Nilgiri, Ooty is popularly known as the ‘Queen of Hill stations’. It is decorated by lakes, gardens and forests all around. Ooty is a hub for honeymooners. The wonderful climate and the scenic spot makes it one of the most visited as well as well-celebrated hill stations of India. With a flawless romantic setting and some wonderful places to cherish for a lifetime, Ooty calls for a perfect honeymoon anytime of the year. Pykara New Bost House, Botanical garden, Dobetta Peak, Kalhatty WaterFalls, Tea Factory and Wax Museum are some places to visit in Ooty.

Honeymoon Duration: 5-6 days

Standard packages: starting from Rs 5,000

Apart from hotels, homestays are also a common trend in hill station, however, you can check from OYO rooms in Ooty for a budget and comfortable stay.

2) Manali: One of the best destinations in India, Manali offers a breathtaking view of the popular Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal range. This Himachali hill stations is always ready to add colour to your honeymoon trip. Get cosy with your partner and soak in the scenic beauty of Manali. Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley, Old Manali and Bhrigu Lake are places to visit, besides, enjoying river rafting in Kullu.

Honeymoon Duration: 5-6 days

Standard packages: starting from 8000

It is better to book your tickets and accommodation in advance.

3) Coorg: The Sahyadri range is another place to relax your mind. The lush green landscape and acres and acres of plantations, Coorg is one of the best honeymoon destinations in summer. The amazing environment, the carpeted hills and the little paths make Coorg an exotic destination. For a memorable vacation do visit Coffee plantation areas, Madikeri, Nagarhole Wildlife National Park. Hiking, trekking and birdwatching are some other things to do in Coorg.

Honeymoon Duration: 4-5 days

Package: starting from Rs 8000

The nearest airport is Mangalore, do book your tickets in advance.

4) Matheran: If you visualise a romantic walk with your partner amidst an alluring nature, then Matheran is an apt place for you. Matheran is a unique destination in Asia which is mainly a pedestrian destination. Cars, bikes and other polluting vehicles are strictly prohibited in this region. Thus, the beauty of Matheran is indescribable. Situated at an altitude of 800 metres above the sea level, it draws tourists from different places. Numerous vantage points, Charlotte Lake, Pisharnath Temple and Mount Barry are some of the places to experience.

Honeymoon Duration 4-5 days

Deluxe package: starting from Rs 6000

Matheran is situated in between Pune and Mumbai. You can avail cab Pune to Mumbai are other modes to reach the destination.

Sanjeev Nanda Tips for Wildlife Photography

Rule #1: Have Patience

Sanjeev Nanda rules for photographyPatience is Virtue

When you spend a lot of time with an animal, you’ll see amazing things. So when you’re shooting in the wild, in a zoo, or at home with your pets, you’ll need lots of patience to get an amazing photo. I often spend hours watching an animal in the wild or at a zoo exhibit, just waiting for the perfect opportunity.

Rule #2: Take Lots of Pictures

Sanjeev Nanda rules for photographySometimes it takes 1000 photographs for that one perfect shot

Give up your old film habits, and shoot a lot of pictures with your digital camera. Like humans, animals have “good” and “bad” expressions and postures, so the more pictures you take, the more likely you are to get a great shot. For example, in a four-hour game drive, I will shoot about 500 images, not worrying about the “bad ones.” Then during the editing process on my computer, I will select the best ones.

Rule #3: Use Standard Settings

Animal photography is motion photography, so being ready is very important. Set your camera to standard settings (see below), and return to these settings after you’ve altered them for a specific situation (if time allows).

Standard Settings

Shooting Mode: Aperture Control AV; P for flash use
Image Recording Quality: JPG Best Quality; or RAW
White Balance: Shade (outdoors); AWB (indoors)
ISO: 400 (good weather); 1600 (bad weather and indoors)
Metering Mode: Center Weighted
Drive Mode: Single Shooting
Auto Focus Mode: One Shot; AI Servo if object is moving towards you or away from you
Auto Focus Points: Center Point Only

Rule #4: Keep the Eyes in Focus

Sanjeev Nanda rules for photographyEyes give photographs character and depth

Remember that an animal is not a cathedral—you’ll only have a few seconds to compose a shot. When using “center point focus,” you are in control of the focus, not your camera, so make sure that the animals’ eyes are sharp and in focus. Compose the shot so that the eyes are in the center of the picture, and leave extra room around your subject so you can crop the image later.

Rule #5: Learn How To Over and Under Expose

Sanjeev Nanda wildlife photography tipsPlay with exposure settings to get surprising results

Once you have your standard settings, you can use the exposure compensation feature (+/-) to adjust for a perfect picture. If your subject is much darker than the surroundings, use the over-expose (+) to lighten the image. If your subject is much lighter, use the under-expose (-) to darken the image. I usually adjust in increments of .5, but experiment with the feature to find what works best (and what doesn’t).

Rule #6: A Higher ISO Is Your Friend

With animals, you need short exposure times because they’re always moving. I rarely use use a tripod—though sometimes I’ll use a monopod—so I can adapt to their movements quickly. When I use a full aperture set, I’ll use a higher ISO (800-1600 or even above). Older digital cameras will usually have visible noise over 400 ISO, but results with newer digital SLRs are much better. I think it’s better to have an image with a little more noise than a picture completely out of focus.

Rule #7: Get Down There!

Sanjeev Nanda photography tipsTake photographs anywhere but eye level

If you want tension in your pictures, get on eye level with your subject, or even below eye level. I often find myself laying flat on the floor when shooting in zoos. Many exhibits are below the observer, which is good for watching the animals but bad for photography!

Rule #8: Avoid the Flash—Use a Flashlight Instead!

I don’t like flash pictures because they’re mostly flat and have no depth. In wildlife photography, you seldom have the time for good flash setup (with multiple flashes) anyway. I’d rather use a higher ISO and try my luck without a flash. A standard, hand-held flashlight can help by producing a glint in the eye of an animal and lightening up a dark corner.

Rule #9: Eliminate Fences

Sanjeev Nanda wildlife photography tipsZoom through the gap in the fences

When there are fences between you and your subject, get as close to the fence as possible without touching it (legal moves only, please). Extend your zoom to the largest telephoto setting, and open the aperture full. Ideally, your subject will be in the middle, between the front and back fences. Shoot through the shaded parts of the fence, and the fence should disappear from your shot.

Appoint a Qualified and Well-Practiced Photographer for Marvelous Experience

In present scenario, the value of a picture is equal to a million words in corporate world. In order to convey a message to the customers in an impressive manner, every business relies on supreme-quality pictures. Whether a business person needs to publish voucher, magazines or make a TV advertisement, an impressive picture is the first demand.

It is also required to make a professional and impressive website.  The pictures can explore all the qualities of products and services in front of the audiences when it comes to advertisement. For magazines and vouchers, most businesses use pictures of management teams, production units, building, etc. To capture every shot in a professional way, it is must to hire a keen and qualified Edmonton photographer.

Corporate photography is a little bit different and complicated in compare to ordinary photography. So, it is must to look for a well versed expert to accomplish the task. It is wise to browse the internet to come across with highly renowned photographer. An expert who has massive experience of fashion, travel, editorial, interior, etc. can cater all your needs.

Such photographers are well familiar with a plenty of photography forms and they know how to make proper use of right form according to the demand of the scene. The job of an Edmonton Photographer cannot be accomplished without top-notch gadgets and equipment. The experts should have first rate camera, lenses and other tools that allow him or her to click the best shots every time.

In order to make a final decision about a photographer, a person should meet with a few Edmonton photographers personally. An interview can help you to know all the qualities of a photographer. Look through the portfolio of the experts; it will give you a close idea about your own final product. This photographer has massive experience of fashion photography, industrial photography, travel photography, etc.

It is wise to discuss all your expectations with the photographer so that he or she can give the best possible outcome to you. To satisfy all your needs, you must hire a photographer who has years of experience in industrial photography. See the past record, qualification, experience and specialization of an expert. Additionally, you should check the clientele base to know more about the services and attitude of the photographer. All this research and homework can help you to choose one of the best Edmonton photographers who can ensure you about the best final product.

ONYX and Sino Lanka Hotels

The Thai hotel management company, ONYX Hospitality Group and Sino Lanka Hotels have embarked on a joint venture that will see the development of three luxurious Sri Lanka hotels in the immediate future.

Scheduled to launch in 2013, the hotels will be situated at Colombo, Galle and Kandy- key cities for Sri Lanka tourism. “Sri Lanka is one of the most vibrant destinations in the Asia Pacific and one that is experiencing dynamic growth in tourism… We plan to make it a key hub for ONYX going forward” remarked Onyx’s CEO and President, Peter Henley.

The Galle hotel will offer 148 rooms in their beachfront property while the 160 room Colombo hotel is set to be built neat to the Colombo coast. The proximity to the calming ocean waves will be a plus for any holidaymaker with both properties boasting of beautiful ocean views in addition to stunning swimming pools.

The Galle Hotel pool

While plans are already under way for these new Sri Lanka hotels, a further three will be developed in the coming years under the joint venture including an exclusive luxury Sri Lanka resort set to be nestled on the Beruwala Island. All six hotels will come under the umbrella of the OZO brand, one of ONYX’s four complementary brands, and will represent a total investment of approximately US$100 million.

The partnership will not only grant the Thai firm access to the growing Sri Lanka tourism market but it is also set to improve the hotel offerings for travellers planning to book Sri Lanka holidays late next year. “We are well established in Thailand and as part of extending our reach across Asia, Sri Lanka was chosen to debut our OZO brand which will offer a fresh take on select services for both business and leisure travellers” stated Mr Henley.

Beach near Galle Hotel

Holidaymakers who may have holidays to Sri Lanka on their wish list will definitely have much to look forward to as the country’s tourism industry develops over the coming years. Partnerships between local firms and experienced global brands like ONYX will only serve to enhance the Sri Lanka holidays experience for visitors, “We are excited to begin this project and to play a key role in developing tourism in our Country. We identified a need for sophisticated and stylish world class three star accommodation in Colombo and happy to work collaboratively with ONYX to make it happens” noted the Chairman of Sino Lanka Hotels Bob Kundanmal.

Makassar, South Sulawesi Tourism Travel Guide Information Indonesia


Makassar, (sometimes spelled Macassar, Mangkasara) formerly called Ujung Pandang is the provincial capital of South Sulawesi, Indonesia, and the largest city in Sulawesi Island. From 1971 to 1999, the city was formally named Ujung Pandang and after a precolonial fort in the city, and the two names are often used interchangeably. Makassar has become the primary port and airline hub of the eastern archipelago, the thousands of remote islands being developed and incorprated into the mainstream of Indonesian society and economy.

Makassar also played a key role in Indonesian history. The 16th-century Gowa Empire was based here until the Dutch weighed in. Three centuries later, in the 1950s, the Makassarese and Bugis revolted unsuccessfully against the central government. Loud, independent-minded, intense and proud, Makassar certainly leaves an impression.

Makassar also is gateway to East past of Indonesia and entry point to an adventurous tour to the Tana Toraja highlands, deep in the fertile plateaus of Sulawesi, or also known as Celebes. The unique Torajan culture, including their animistic burial rites call it Rambusolo, makes this region one of the most fascinating wonders in Indonesia.

Today Makassar is a bustling city with inhabitants from all over the archipelago, ethnic and most dominant language is Makassar and Bugis, at the last census people also spoke Javanese, Sundanese, Batak, Minangkabau and Banjarese. Tens of thousands were put in the last language group ‘remaining languages’, which concludes most of the innumerable languages in eastern Indonesia. People from this region come to Makassar to trade, to study, to buy provisions or just to escape the limitations of the village life.

One of the potential sector in Makassar is from tourism industry, existing tourist variety, good nature tourism with its natural conditions. The most interesting ways of spending an evening in Makassar, is going to see the Losari Beach in Indonesia call it Pantai Losari, which boasts a row of food stalls that seems to go on for ever. In the tourist shops on Jalan Sombaopu you will find woodcarvings from Papua and Eastern Kalimantan, masks from Tanimbar and Bali, bronze drums from Alor, ikat fabrics from Flores, wooden sticks from Central-Sulawesi, clove-shovels from Ambon, sirih-nut dishes and metalworks from the Buginese-Makassarese area, Chinese ceramics, and old Dutch, English and Spanish coins brought from everywhere in the archipelago. The city occupied 175,7 square kilometers area. Located in southern part of South Sulawesi and faces the horizon of Makassar Strait

Makassar tourism and tourist travel guidelines can be enumerated as below :

Fort Rotterdam.
Fort Rotterdam also know Benteng Makassar is a historical artifact of the greatness of the past kingdom of South Sulawesi. Gowa Kingdom was the strongest and the most glarious kingdom during the 17th century. During the time Makassar was know a trading city.
Viewed from the sea the kingdom of Makassar during that period was an area that was completely fortified. In year of 1967 when Gowa was under the power of Dutch, all forts was destroyed except Fort Rotterdam and two years later Fort of Somba Opu was totally destroyed by The Dutch government.
During the Dutch colonialism, the fort was rebuilt and renamed “Fort Rotterdam”. During the period the fort and its area started to be the center of governmental and commercial activity. During the Japanese colonialism the fort functioned as the ceter of agricultural and language studies.

Islamic Center.
Al Markas Al Islami (formerly Masjid Raya Makassar) is the most luxuarious Mosque in South Sulawesi and the largest in the eastern par of Indonesia. Besides functioning as the center of worship its also facilities the education, social and culture activities.
Al Markas Al Islami stand in 10 hectare area in Makassar Downtown. This worship center appears dominantly due to its size and lovely shape.

The Old Grave of King Tallo.
These old tombs are regarded as a complex, due to the size in wich 778 grave in different forms and of various material are laid. Its located in the northern part on Makassar City, exactly on the former Tallo fort. Formelly, Tallo Kingdom was an area ruled by Gowa Kingdom. That kingdom was later devided into two major divisions since the king had two Princes, both were ambitious men to be the next king. The two kingdom are : Tallo and Gowa. Therefore a proverb emerged : Dua Raja Satu Rakyat (one folk under the rule of two king). Besed on the data from the available literature and archeologists, it is said that the graves of Tallo and Gowa kings from the beginning to the end of the 17th century can be found in this graveyard.

Paotere Harbor.
Paotere is the place to anchor the sailing boat og the people of Sulawesi coming from all part of Indonesia. The sailing boat anchored there varied in style ans shape, such us Phinisi Boat, Lambo and some others. It is a fascinating and amazing scenery of the masts standing side by the side. It is event more beautiful and fascinating during the sunset with its colorful rays.

The Graveyard of Prince Diponegoro.
Prince Diponegoro was the son of Sultan Hamengkubuwono III of Yogyakarta, one of the king from the oldest kindom of Java, who let the struggle against the Dutch, which is widely known as Java War in the year 1825 – 1830.
The war exploded due to the rejection of the Dutch colonial policy, the raising of the tax and the acquisition. He was eventually caught through a trick, exiled to Manado and was later moved back to Makassar where he was first arrested. He died in Makassar in 1855. His tomb build in the family graveyard, is preserved and seriously cared. it was build in accordance with the Javanese tombs.

Samalona Island.
Across the harbor of Ujung Pandang is Samalona Island which has been developed into a pleasant recreational resort and It can be reached by boat in 45 minutes from Makassar. Samalona Island is a cluster of coral reefs area with 2,34 ha in width. This small island is a favourite destination for local. There are some activities you can do there like sunbathing above the sandy beach and diving into the deep waters of Samalona Island to observe the wonderful coral reefs and beautiful sub-marine.

Kodingareng Island.
Kodingareng Island was elected preservation centre because the island has the widest coral reefs in South Sulawesi which are still in a good condition. Kodingareng Keke Island located in Sub-District of Ujungtanah, Makassar. The distance is about 8.37 miles or 13.48 kilometers from the coastal city of Makassar.
Now, about a thousand heads of families now inhabit the island which is about 13 km from Makassar is. As an island tour, people who visited the island to see the beauty of white sand lined with trees on the beach. Tourist can stay in trim cottages. Do something fun, with the clear waters without city waste contamination very good for snorkeling , than rest comfortably and also can enjoy sunbathing during the day.

Trans Studio Word Indoor Theme Park.
Trans World Studio located in the Regions and the Global Tourism Business Tanjung Bunga, Makassar, the area of integrated tourism object in Makassar. Trans Studio was built of 12,7 hectares with investment of IDR 1 trillion more. Facilities built in the shopping center which includes the Trans Walk and Rodeo Drive, and Studio Trans, Trans Hotel, office of Bank Mega. Trans Studio building was built around 22,000 m² with 20 meters high which is the largest indoor amusement park in and the biggest indoor theme park in Asia at this time.

Somba Opu Shopping Center.
Somba Opu shopping street well know as shopping area for souvenir, handycraft, gifts, cloth, gold and many more. Located near at Losari Beach.

Mandala Monument.
Monument is a cenotaph destined to all nations heroes who struggling and died in the Liberation of West Papua from the Dutch in 1963. Located centrally in Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, the monument itself is surrounded by a broad, open-air entertainment area that forms a hub of political, cultural and social performances in the city.
The construction of Monument Mandala began in 1994, and it was opened on 19 December 1995 – the anniversary of Sukarno’s famous Trikora speech. The monument’s main purpose was to tell the story of the ‘liberation’ of West Irian – now Papua – in the context of the broader struggle for Indonesian independence.

Chinese Temples.
In Makassar the temple usually call it with “Klenteng” or “Wihara”. There are four old temples that located in down town of Makassar. The most important is Tian Hou Gong or Temple of the Heavenly Queen, on the corner of Jl. Serui and Jl. Sulawesi. This was probably built in the early 18th century and restaurated in 1738, 1803 qnd 1867. The statue of the ‘heavenly queen’, Tian Hou is on the back side of the main althar behind a wooden wall. She is the protector of the sailors and is often related with fertility. From the side-althars, the first on the left is dedicated to the ‘Golden Mothers of the Golden Immortals’, the second to Xuan Tian Shang Di, which is honoured in Indonesia for it’s medical powers; the third to the protectionate of Fertility. The althars in the patio are dedicated to several buddhist gods. The Long Xian Gong or ‘Temple of the Appearance of the Dragon’, along Jl. Sulawesi and Jl. Bali, was built in 1868. The main althar is dedicated to Xian Mu, ‘Mother of the Immortal’; the althar on the right side to Mi Lo Fo, the protectionate of jewelriesl that on the left side to Tu Di Gong, god of the soil and wealth. The Temple of the Community of Merchants of Guandong, close to Long Xian Gong, was damaged when the road was improved. It’s dedicated to Guan Di, protectionate of the Guangong communities. The Chinese came here to plead oaths, before being withness in a court. On the right side of Guan Di are a horse and it’s jockey, towards who mothers aim their prayers that their children will be obedient. Since 1987 the Chinese community has permission to hold lion dances on Jl. Sulawesi during Chinese new year. The fourth temple, along Jl. Lombok, is fairly new. It was built in 1953 to replace the temple along Jl. Sulawesi, which was destroyed during the Japanese occupation.

Shopping Center/Mall.
Grosir Market Butung, Mall Ratu Indah (MARI), Mall Panakukkang (Mall Diamond), MTC Karebosi, Karebosi Link, Central Market, Mall GTC Tanjung Bunga, Trans Studio Mall.

Essential Packaging Tips & Travel Discount Coupon Codes

The most important and pivotal moments for any journey is the time when you take the first step of packing your bags. Those who are always in a confusion and doubt and try to find their suitcase tipping the checking scales so that any single piece of luggage will not miss for the weekend trip is really a very challenging task for them to balance everything. It is not the matter how tight the luggage that you are packing, do you make the space for the essential must pack item?

  1. Roll up your items to keep your clothes ready and also fresh to wear. Rolling your clothes and keep the packing things with each other is a great technique which you will definitely love to do. It will make a great space on your suitcase and also keep your every item fresh and ready to wear. You can mainly do this with your shoes that are perfect place to packing your socks as well as underwear and also with t-shirts that can also be folded with each other.
  2. You can pack your smaller items like make-up, jewelry, creams and cables in any smaller cases or bottles. Rolled your underwear or socks into any bottle or store your jewelry r charger in any old eye glass cases can be a smart idea to make anything fit on your packing. Now if you re going for short weekend trip then taking small amount of things from shampoo, moisturizer, conditioner and store it any contact lenses box or any other small boxes will have you more spaces on your suitcase.
  3. Clothing mainly takes the most space in your suitcase. So, strategically planning and packaging your items could help keep your wardrobe fixed properly. Choose mix match clothing like you can pair your t-shirts and the jeans or trousers so that you can change the tops multiple times without carrying any loads. Leggings and other pair of items that you want to wear matching with that can easily be rolling up and can carry side by side.
  4. Keeping your clothes fresh and ready to wear is also necessary. Rolling up your woolen items can keep the wrinkles in a minimum label. But the materials and professional/business shirts that are bound to crease, you can pack this within your dry cleaning bags so that wrinkles will all get out of your hand. Packing your belts under the collars of your collared shirt will take less space of your belts and keep those collars crisp.

  5. While traveling, some mini travel kit is essential whether you are going to long trip or short trip like some snacks, medicines, lip balm, gum, book or magazine, some case and travel documents too. It is better if you will take a small tote bag and keep everything from this mini travel kit and keep this on the outer pocket of your suitcase or bag.
  6. Now sometimes, we need to check out our budget while traveling to any place. Either going to short trip or long trip hotel, flight/train fares are mandatory where we could make our budget adjustable by checking out discount coupon code for travel to get attractive discounts and offers on such things. This is a great way to save more money while traveling.

Always make your travel enjoyable and full of fun with some strategically taken planning and packing of your suitcase.

Cost of Overland Yacht Transport


The number one question that gets asked about yacht transport is how much does it cost? Well I have written this article to help everyone looking to transport their yacht or boat get an idea how much yacht transport might cost. Keep in mind that other fees can apply so its best to call Gulf Express International and get your free quote. At Gulf Express International our yacht and boat transport cost are the most competitive, comprehensive, and affordable in the boat transport business .

The first thing people will say is ” I want a cheap rate to transport my boat or yacht.” Well believe it or not the cheapest rate is not going to be your best bet. Yes you will be saving money on transport cost but keep in mind that cheaper cost means cheap service. If you read some of the forums online where people have used a cheap yacht transport company you will see complaints ranging from scratches in the paint to broken parts and even missing parts. Yes your insurance will cover it but do you really want to go through the hassle of waitng for repairs. Here at Gulf Express International we promise to handle your vessel with the proper care and provide you a competitive price at the same time.

Yacht transport cost can vary depending on size,weight and how far you will need your vessel transported. The first thing every company will ask you is the place of origin and the destination. Well let me correct myself, the first question almost all yacht transport companies ask is where the boat is and where is it going. We here at Gulf Express International believe in excellent customer service so our first question will be “Whom am I speaking with”? We  believe that it is very friendly and professional to get to know who we are speaking with first.

The biggest factor in the pricing of yacht transport is the height,width and weight. Over sized vessels require a escort and also the transporter has to take special routes because of weight and height restrictions. In some cases over land transport of over height vessels require them to be shipped by barge beacuse of clearance issues. A way to save money is with type of equipment used. For example, your boat could be a borderline height limit. You could call one carrier and your load would cost $10,000, yet contact another just as qualified carrier and the load is only $7,500. The reason for the lesser amount from a carrier just as qualified is because they have special low profile trailers which would put your boat under the height requirement, removing the need for costly permits and possibly fewer escorts.

This may sound like common sense, but take serious heed. If you have a 20′ power boat on a new trailer, you can pretty much get away with any qualified transport company. But, if you have a 38′ sail boat, be sure the transport company you hire has dealt with such a load. There are many boat transport companies who’s main business are the smaller loads, or even large power boats, but the big boats require special loading and handling.
Keep in mind that when you speak to a sales represenative they will explain to you all the details of the cost to transport your yacht or boat.

Next comes where the boat is and where it is going. Although mileage doesnt play a huge factor in cost it does however have a role in the cost. Like what was posted earlier, over sized loads will require a  special route and also an escort. Some states require that you have a police excort along with the normal excort. Check with one of our representives for more information on escorts. With overwight vessels, they will require a barge to transport them because of weight restrictions. I know we have all seen those road signs that say maximum weight limit is so and so.

In conclusion overland transport can be not only a hassle saver but it also can be resonably priced. If you ever have any questions feel free to check out our website and look at our information. We provide you with a fast quote on all your yacht transport needs.

Make Your Romantic Vacation Memorable with Honeymoon Vacation Packages in Asia

Asia is the biggest continent is the world that comprises myriad of cultures, traditions, languages and religions, thus making it the most intoxicating destination for honeymooners from across the world. Honeymooning in Asia is one of the exotic experiences for newlywed couples where they get the ample opportunities to explore and experience the crucial part of mesmerizing and compelling cultural mosaic. Being the largest continent in the world Asia comprises lots of diversity and exotic destinations, ranging from breathtaking dense forest to majestic mountains, pristine beaches, islands, exotic wildlife to unique combination of architecture legacy, history and culture. To explore these mesmerizing locations and make your romantic voyage memorable you are required to opt for honeymoon vacation packages in Asia from reputed travel agencies and plan your voyage perfectly to spice up your love life together during your romantic vacation in Asia.

Comprising over 40 countries, Asia is the continent where you can find everything to make your romantic vacation memorable, from modern cities, to majestic mountain ranges, exotic deserts, islands, heritage sights, shopping destinations, adventurous sites, and much more. Asia has it all and hence considered to be the perfect destination for romantic getaways for honeymooners from across the world. So, come explore Asia and plan your voyage exceptionally to make it perfectly luxurious exotic holidays for lifetime.

Marriages are considered to be a heavenly unification of two different souls. Although there are many destinations in Asia, but the most popular and highly preferred destination to explore during your Asian honeymoon tour is India. India always remains the top choice of honeymooners from across the world, owing to its natural beauty, serene locations, romantic sights and rich heritage and diversity. There are several destinations in India that are perfect for honeymooners. The pristine locations in India provide serene and clam environment to the honeymooners where they can relax and spend quality time with their partner to kick start their love life. India has it all to make your romantic voyage perfectly luxurious in all means.

All the romantic destinations in India are bestowed with beauty of peaceful lush rolling hills, beaches, islands, mountain ranges, gardens, dense forest, parks, monumental landmarks, wildlife sanctuaries, backwater boathouses and much more. The romantic destinations in India cater all the demands, interests and needs of the newlywed couples. So, come explore India on your next romantic vacation and create some unforgettable memories with your loved ones and enjoy the perfectly luxurious exotic holidays of your life.

Honeymoon in true meaning offers the couples a welcome break that allows them to reawake the passion and craze and spend quality time together in the midst of serene environs with nothing to come in their away. Honeymooning in Asia is one of the favorite choices of couples as it allows them to enjoy inexorable fun along with finely tuned intimacy. Almost all the destinations in Asia help the honeymooners to bring in the true love in their relationship. So, opt for honeymoon vacation packages in Asia to explore the romantic destinations that take your fancy

Indian Couples Choose Exotic Honeymoons and Weddings Abroad

Weddings abroad are becoming increasingly popular for couples from small towns in India who are looking to keep costs down, and the guest list limited.

When the trend of organising destination weddings first began to grow in India, many of the couples originated from fast-paced cities where exotic weddings abroad were the answer for those who maybe didn’t have the time or the desire to organise a lavish traditional wedding at home along with an ever-expanding guest list.

However, this trend has now expanded to couples of all backgrounds across many locations in India and getting married abroad is now associated with cost savings, intimate ceremonies and exotic wedding destinations.


Honeymoons abroad are also on the increase and after returning from his honeymoon in Australia, Nikhil Vohra, said that he would have missed out on an exquisite and thrilling experience if they had not planned the trip abroad to celebrate their nuptials.

“We were in Australia for five days and enjoyed our stay till we were exhausted. Visiting the foreign country also helped us understand each other better as we shared some exclusive moments,” said Vohra.

College friends, Atish Kumar and Gurjeet Singh, shared a honeymoon abroad with their new wives and said that the experience allowed them to feel more comfortable in a foreign country.

“We wanted to share some exclusive moments with our wives on a trip abroad,” said Atish.

Indian travel agents are also seeing an increase in couples booking overseas weddings and honeymoons with many choosing New Zealand, Australia, London and the United States for their romantic destination.

City-based travel agent, Prakash Kumar, said: “People now love to visit Singapore, Bangkok, New Zealand, Australia, London or the US and are planning their honeymoon trips a couple of months ahead of their wedding,”

Tour operators have also jumped on the bandwagon by providing Indian-themed Caribbean weddings for couples and romantic experiences across South East Asia and Europe.

Tour Operator, M K Roy, explained: “However, destinations closer to home, including Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore have more attraction.

“Honeymoon packages range between `50,000 to `3 lakh, which even small town people are now able to afford.”

Kumar added: “For Asian countries, one has to spend between `50,000 and `1.5 lakh, for European countries between `1 lakh and `2 lakh and for other Western countries like Australia and the US, one spends between `2 lakh and `3 lakh.”

Romantic Places in Asia

If you and your partner are planning a holiday together around Asia. Asia is a land of inspiration and romance. This often makes it a honeymoon location or place of a wedding. Here are six sites with a romantic view:

1. Halong Bay, Vietnam

Halong Bay is one of UNESCO World Heritage site of Vietnam’s crowded. To see its beauty. See the sights sounds cliche sunset. But try to take a cruise along Halong Bay at sunset, it could be one experience that is difficult to forget. You can rent a junk boat, a kind of Chinese ancient sailing ships to spend the night at bay.

Halong Bay

2. Jeju Island, South Korea

With a view charming, this island is the most popular tourist destinations.
Jeju or Cheju is an island located at the tip of the Korean Peninsula and close to Japan.
Because the atmosphere is romantic, Jeju Island is also a honeymoon destination of the new couples. Mountains, beaches, waterfalls, parks, cliffs, and beautiful stones wrapped in warm weather make this place worth a visit with the couple. Coupled with a traditional Korean atmosphere which is still felt, the island became a favorite tourist attraction.

3. Stanley, Hong Kong

Stanley, an ancient little fishing village. Hong Kong’s city center was filled with the hustle and bustle, and this of course does not really bring happiness to you and your romantic partner.

You can explore some walking trails in the area around Stanley. Stanley also has some excellent restaurants, this could be a pleasant culinary tour with a partner.

4. Siem Reap,Cambodia

While in Siem Reap try other things that offer a different experience by renting a tuk-tuk and went to explore the countryside. Siem Reap is the gateway to the ancient region of the famous Angkor Wat complex is no longer a secret tour in Cambodia.
Banteay Srei, the temple is quite popular but relatively calm. Stone carving from the temple that was there was so complicated, you and your partner will probably not believe that it is stone.

5. Jaipur, Rajasthan,India

From the desert to hundreds of great palaces and temples can be found there. The state of Rajasthan in India has a unique scenery and interesting to mencarai romantic inspiration.
Slowly exploring the corners of the city, you will feel the romantic experience with your partner. You can also visit in Jaipur, known as the pink city. There, you can visit with your partner to Albert Hall Museum Amber Fort Jal Mahal or.

6. Trains Eastern and Oriental, Southeast Asia

In a journey by train Eastern and Oriental, one of the ultra-deluxe train that was not large.
Eastern and Oriental railway Asian version has a number of routes between cities such as Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Vientiane, and Chiang Mai.

San Francisco Bay Area Photography in Destination Wedding !!

The destination weddings introduce sizzling scenery and contemporary environment, offering the conditions required to upgrade those great memories. Although as these kinds of weddings are usually conducted at the resort location in the foreign countries, they are subjected to the uncommon and unanticipated, developing logical and scheduling that may leave an impact on your whole strategy as well as photography. The professional and experienced photographers describe their own experience and suggestions to conduct a beautiful event.

It is tough to consider a more picture postcard-suitable wedding area, San Francisco Bay Area. The governments are quite stable, so you can feel relax in making the wedding arrangements there.

Regardless of the calm wedding location, you must select in any part of the area, popular approach and local politics can shift. So while you are planning for destination wedding, you must check out the news to ensure the place is quite stable and rescue your wedding day from the political rebellion.

People working in San Francisco know that things change greatly. Google the area that you select and do some research. It is extremely important when you are selecting a place for destination wedding because sometimes , it takes money to get knowledge from a civil person at your hotel before your resort is converted from wedding place to an uncharted area.

Now when it comes to choose the photographers, again research for San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographers on Internet and in travel magazines or speak with experienced person. This will really help you in choosing your photographer keeping away the barriers of language, culture and traditions. A creative photographer gives colors to your wedding album, makes it look natural and telling a story of your wedding day.

You must make advance prepare to handle the weather. If the weather is too bad on the wedding day then reserve alternative place in advance to conduct the wedding ceremony without interruption. Not reserving a place may create a fear in your mind that may otherwise result in conducting a dry ceremony. Meanwhile advise your hotel staff to be prepared with everything for weather change be it a tropical, humid or rainy season. Get to know about the everything of your wedding location and area.

The photographer you choose must be able to introduce creativity in your wedding photography rather just clicking traditional photos. For example he must try to create a whimsical representation of wedding breeziness.

The wedding photographers charge as per day events, definitely but they also endeavour to visually represent the wedding’s environment. Some capture the mood while a reception conducted in the Bay area providing beautiful representation of the serene and private affair. When you select Bay area for destination wedding, you need to follow the marriage laws and get the required witnesses. The laws vary country wise so do some research on this also to prevent any last minute scrambling. Hence prepare your destination wedding and collect the entire necessary information to enjoy your own wedding ceremony with your guests conveniently and peacefully.

Cambodia Travel Guide


Cambodia is rich in history, culture and amazing tourism resources. Cambodia also provides visitors with a variety of once undiscovered cultural and historical attractions throughout the Kingdom and the dual theme guiding Cambodia tourism is “Culture and Nature”. But there are lot of things you should know before discover this beautiful country…

Passport and Visas:
Cambodia has very liberal visa regulations. It is meant to say a valid passport and visa are required for entry. Visas can be obtained at Phnom Penh International Airport or Siem Reap (Angkor) Airport. All travelers have to do is bring along two passport size photos and fill up visa application. A one-month tourist visa costs US$20 while a business visa costs US$25.00. Visa application form will be provided on inbound flights. Visas are also available at Thai/Cambodian overland border crossing.

Riel is the Cambodia’s currency. To check for the today’s exchange rate, please refer to our GoCambodia’s front-page, located top right page. However the US dollar is widely accepted.


· To and From Cambodia: Most tourists are flying into the International Airports at either Phnom Penh or Siem Reap. Recently a growing numbers of visitors are also arriving overland from Cambodia and Thailand.

· On arrival, Motorcycle taxis (Motodub) and taxis can be rented just outside the arrival lobby. From Phnom Penh International airport to anywhere in Phnom Penh will cost you $7.00 while Motordub is charging $1.00 to $2.00. The distance is about 8 kilometers to town.

Room rate is starting from $3 to $200 per night. Whether you prefer to stay at Guest Houses with no air-con but fan, a motel style will cost you from $10 to $45 or you may stay at one of the 5 stars hotel e.g. Cambodiana, Le Royal or Inter-Continental. The cost of $10 and up will equip with air conditioner, refrigerator and a cable TV.

Tipping and Bargaining:
Tipping is not expected in Cambodia but if you meet with exceptional services or kindness, a tip is always appreciated. Salaries remain extremely low in Cambodia. Bargaining is the rule in the markets, when you are hiring vehicles or buying things. A persuasive smile and a little friendly personality is usually enough to get a good price.

The tourist behavior code is written with the intention to minimize any that may arise between tourists and residents due to differences in language and customs. It is also to reinforce and even renew a sense of pride in the local people, their culture and provide an opportunity for tourists to learn, appreciate and respect the Khmer culture. It aims to inform tourists about the local society, its customs, dress code and acceptable behavior in religious and other places.

Swakum ! Welcome !

Welcome to the Kingdom of Cambodia. It makes no difference whether you are here on business or pleasure. You are in for a treat. You will catch a glimpse of the Khmer people, their history, culture and nature through the pristine beaches, natural landscapes, quaint villages, exotic traditional dances, the world famous Angkor complex and archaeological treasures.

Proper Greetings

Cambodians traditionally greet each other by joining their hands together in front of their chest and bowing often (Chum Reap Suor) followed by the western practice of shaking hands.Although men tend to shake ands with each other, women usually use the traditional greeting with both men and other women. It is considered acceptable for foreigners to shake hands with Cambodians of both sexes. When you are invited to a gathering, it is polite to make an effort to properly greet the

people you meet on your arrival.

· You should respond to greetings from others. It is considered disrespectful not to return greetings by other people.

· When you enter pagodas (wats) sit with your feet to the side rather than in lotus position, then you join both hands together under chin and bow three times to the floor. Always be seated when the monks are seated.


There are many photographic shops in Cambodia, offering international standard services. Be sure to take plenty of photographs so you can take back good memories of the Kingdom. Photographers are free to shoot almost everything. However, a few principles should be observed.

· If photographing local people, always ask their permission first. Most of them will be happy to pose for you.

· Taking photographs of military bases and other designated security areas is prohibited.

· Ask permission before taking photos inside pagodas, royal palaces, other sacred places or special events.

Visiting Pagodas (Wats) and other religious and traditional places

The official religion of Cambodia is Theravada Buddhism, which is also practiced in neighboring countries like Laos, Thailand, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. The sight of a saffron-robed monk is common throughout the Kingdom and almost every village had a pagoda (wat).

· Visitors should dress neatly in all religious places. They should never go shirtless, in shorts, hot pants or other unsuitable attire.

· Shoes, sandals and a hat should be removed when entering a mosque or a pagoda (wat) where Buddhist images are kept. Each Buddha image, large or small, well kept or in ruins, is regarded sacred.

· Never climb onto a Buddha or photograph a Buddha inside a temple without asking permission. Always be respectful when viewing a Buddha image.


There is no regulation on tipping in Cambodia. However, tipping is greatly appreciated as salaries are low. The value of the tip is optional, depending on individual generosity. It should commensurate with the level of service rendered.

A small present, instead of a tip, is greatly appreciated.


Bargaining is a way of life in Cambodia and many shops will offer discounts after negotiation. Cambodia is noted for its handicrafts – handmade articles such as silk materials, wood carvings, stone copies of Khmer art, silver items and jeweler are worth buying. It is illegal to export any antique art objects.

Personal Behavior

Polite behavior is welcome everywhere. What is considered polite in other countries is probably considered polite in Cambodia too. However, there are few customs, social and religious taboos.

· Cambodians admire a calm and considered approach to all aspects of life. Open show of temper and anger should be avoided.

· It is considered a grave insult to touch another person’s head, even if is meant as a friendly gesture.

· Use the right hand to accept things or shake hands.

· It is considered rude to point your foot at a person or object.

· Keep an open mind and do not demand much from your host. Loud voices and boisterous behavior are considered impolite. Smiling and nodding establishes good intent.

· Public displays of affection between men and women are frowned upon.
If you like someone to come over to you, motion with your whole hand, palm down. Do not signal with your finger.

· When picking your teeth with a toothpick after a meal, it is considered polite to hold the toothpick with one hand and to cover your open mouth with the other.

· In private homes, it is polite to remove your shoes when entering the house.

· Be appreciative of people who appreciate

· By observing the behavior code, you can thoroughly enjoy your stay in Cambodia and take home pleasant memories.